City of Windmilles and Zoroastrians



Population stands at 529673 people (269732 male and 259941 female) according to the latest figures. 

Yazd Tourist Attractions:

Fire Temple (Atash Varharam), Water Reservoir (Shesh Badgiri), Amir Chakhmagh Complex, Dovlat-Abad Garden. Ziaiyeh School (Zendan-e Eskandar), Narin Ghal'eh (Naranj Ghal'eh), Meybod Historical Post Office, Fahraj, Borj-e Khamooshan (Silent Tower), Dakhmeh (Catacomb), City Tower, Bogh'eh Davazdah Imam (Twelve Imam's Mausoleum), Bazar-e Yazd, Kharanegh, Borj-e Khamooshan (Tower of the Expired), Masjed Jame Yazd (Yazd Friday Mosque), Ghal'eh Sar-Yazd (Sar-Yazd Fortress), Kabootar-Khaneh, Chak Chak, and ...

Yazd populace are mainly Muslim. Yet, a large number of the entire Iran's Zoroastrians inhabit here. Minorities of Jews and Christians also live here. Yazd is surrounded by mountain ranges of Shir-Kooh and Kharanegh. The city dates from Sassanid era (2000 years ago), and was called in those days "Isatis". The word Yazd means Clear of Filth . It also means Worship, Praise and Adoration. The appellation of the city is "The City of Gods". Yazd is the second Mud-Brick city in the world remaining from ancient times. The population is Aryan in race and due to the isolated location of the city, the race has not intermingled with non-Aryans. The city covers 2491 square meter of area and stands warm and dry climate. Yazd is a Two-Season city with extreme climate (frosty winters and scorching dry summers). It is the first Iranian city registered in World Heritage. 

Yazd is among the unique historical provinces in Iran and one of the most beautiful mud-brick cities in the world. The wide range of tourist attractions brings all through the year tourists from around the globe.

The city has acquired many titles throughout centuries: the City of World's Wind-Catchers, The City of Bicycles, The City of Sweets, The City of Qanats, and The city of Fire and Sun.

Religious rites and ceremonies are here held rigorously not only among Muslims, but also among Zoroastrians in the most spectacular way. Among the most celebrated rituals related to Zoroastrians is the Feast of Sadeh which is annually held in winter and is highly cherished by this religious minority.

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