Ancient city with great civilization and beautiful castle and unique deserts



Kerman province, in south east Iran, lies 2250m above sea level and covers 180726 square meter in area (approx. 11 percent of Iran's area, making it the largest Iranian province). The center of the province is the city of Kerman and the two most important provincial cities are Bam and Jiroft.

Kerman is the third highest city in Iran and thereby has been given the nicknames "the roof of Iran" and "Siberia of the South". The city used to be called in pre-Islamic period "Boothia", "Karamania" or "Karmania" meaning valor and fight arena.

Tourist Attractions:

The Ganjali Khan Complex, Vakil Bath of Kerman, Jabalieh Dome(the sole stone structure in Kerman), The Arg-e Bam (the largest adobe building in the world), Arge-e-Rayen (a castle demonstrating Persian culture and antiquity), Shazdeh Mahan Garden(a green paradise at the heart of Kavir), Fath-Abad Garden, Simak Waterfalls, Yakhdan Moayedi (Moayedi Ice-house ), Makhrage salt lake, Darvish Khan's Stone Garden ( a mysterious garden), Kavir-e Lut, and Shahdad Kaluts.

Before Aryans' migration to Persia, some civilizations had already been flourishing by the locals of Kerman. The great civilization of Arat, for instance, developed in ancient times along the banks of Halil Rood River on the southern part of the current city of Kerman. Their ancient city, which is now known by the name of "Daghianus" or "Jiroft" has subverted all the theories by archeologists as to the origin and birth-place of earliest civilizations and it is very likely that the ancient state of Karmania or modern Kerman to be declared as the progenitor of all ancient civilizations. Kerman is a city of mysteries; a city full of natural beauties and of considerable antiquity. It is the choicest destination for tourists interested in Persian history and culture. Kavir-e Lut and Shahdad are pristine locations where the natural traces of the passage of millennia, and rise and demise of civilizations, are clearly noticeable.   



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