Kashan is a city to admire , City of Traditional Houses


Latest figures state the population of Kashan at 364482 (184806 male, 179676 female). The city lies 945m above the sea level. The latitude for Kashan is: 51° 30´ 52'', the longitude is: 33´ 34''.  

Kashan has a 7000-year history of city-dwelling. It has one UNESCO-registered site: Fin Garden. As the most important annual event, Ghali Shooyan ritual designated as UNESCO's Intangible cultural heritage is held near the Kashan capital city. Kashan Carpet is also included in this list. In the opinion of many people, Kashan is second only to Shiraz in terms of beauty.

Tourist Attractions:

Fin Garden, Kashan Historical Houses (Tabatabaei House which carries the nickname "the bride of Iranian houses", Abbasi House, Borujerdi House…) Agha Bozorg Mosque, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Tepe Sialk, The Underground City of Noosh Abad, Bazaar-e Kashan, The Maranjab Desert, Niasar Cave, The beautiful villages of Abyaneh and Qamsar.

Kashan is one of favorite tourist destinations in Iran. It attracts a large number of tourists each year, affording them unforgettable moments. The city hosts many events, the most celebrated of all being Golabgiri (making Rosewater) ceremony. This festival is held annually from early May till early June throughout Kashan Province. At this ceremony, Rose flower water is distilled using traditional techniques (Rose flower is grown everywhere in the province). During this time of year more than a million tourists travel to Kashan to watch the proceedings.

Kashan is very well known for its Historical Houses which exhibit individual architectural style. In addition, the existence of the world-famous Fin Garden adds to the appeal of this city and places it among the highly-desired destinations. 

The people of Kashan are very kind and extremely friendly. You can visit many of the city attractions during one single day. Kashan is among the favorite destinations for Kavir-goers.  


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