Abyaneh or Viona . One of the most beautiful villages that must see

At the 2006 census, Abyaneh population was 305 , in 160 families and It is 2,500 meters above sea-level.

Abyaneh is like a living architectural and anthropological museum. It presents an impressive model of the man adaptating to the environment.

Abyaneh is different place, different village with red walls and rivers and mountains. In this place you will forget everythings for some seconds and communicate with nature. The village dates back to 2,500 years ago.

The oldest building in Abyaneh, Harpak Zoroastrian Fire Temple, was a true testament to the existence, growth, and advancement of the once-isolated village and its people. Built during the Achaemenid period (550-330 BC), the fire temple used to be an important religious temple for its majority Zoroastrian inhabitants, until Islam was fully embraced by the locals after the arrival of the religion in the country.

The word ‘Abyaneh’ has been derived from the word ‘viona’ meaning ‘Willow Grove’ (in the local dialect ‘vey’ means willow).

Abyaneh extends along the river. Although the village itself is situated on high grounds, in the past three castles were built to protect the people from enemy attacks. Furthermore, the configuration of Abyaneh protects it from strong wind and flood.

Abyaneh has a compact texture with narrow and steep alleys. Located on the slopes of the mountain, the houses are arranged in a stair-step shape, so that the roofs of some houses are the yards of others. 

No doubt, this village is one of my most favourite places in Iran. Abyaneh should NOT be left out from your itinerary!


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