Capital of Iran and City of Modern Adventures


As capital province of Iran, Tehran is located in northern Iran along Alborz mountain range on the south of Caspian Sea with Coordinates 35°41N 51°23′E . It lies 1100m above sea level. Tehran has been the capital of Iran for two centuries. The weather tends toward dry-warm in summer and cold in winter.

Tehran is among the world's most expensive cities according to the Worldwide Cost of Living index for 2008.

Tehran is a metropolis where people from different cultures with different ethnicities live in peace side by side, each leading an independent and individual style of live. Many people move home to Tehran due to greater chance of prosperity.  

Tehran's Attractions:

Masoudieh Mansion, Iranian Art Museum Garden, Bird Garden, Milad Tower, The Tabi'at Bridge, The National Museum of Iran, Tochal Complex, Bam Land (recreation and rest at the coast of Chitgar Lake), Saint Sarkis Cathedral (the largest cathedral in Tehran), Darakeh(Tehran's best resort for mountain climbing), Darband (a beautiful resort for hiking beside mountains and a splendid waterfall), The Niavaran Palace Complex, The Sa'dabad Complex, Golestan Palace, The Grand Bazaar of Tehran, Adrian Fire Temple,…

Tehran is one of five best destinations for travelers and like the city of Shiraz it is among incoming tourists' favorites 

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