Persian Gulf Islands

Kish and Qeshm Islands, are islands in the Persian Gulf. In the past, the kish island was called “Qais”. The island is shaped oval. The island attracts every year millions of tourists. Since the Achaemenid and Parthian and Sassanian, Kish Island has been dominated by Iran and by the spread of Islam, the island fell into the hands of the Umayyad caliphs. It is continued to the year 249 AD. BC. On this year, one of the Iranians who was from Ray, captured all the islands in Persian Gulf, including Kish and Bahrain. In the Seljuk period, Kish became the largest commercial center in Persian Gulf. In 1349 (1970), a delegation of Iranian and American consultants, visited Kish Island and with respect to it’s natural features, beautiful coral beaches and crystal clear waters surrounding, it was selected as an international tourist center. After revolution and in 1361 (1982) Kish Island was selected as the first free economic zone of Iran. Today, the island’s economy is based on tourism and trade.Kish Island, due to it’s tourism nature, has been a lot of attention in recent years. In addition to the historical sites which are interesting for tourists, beach and recreation parks, sandy and coral beaches, zoo, the aquarium, birds garden, dolphin park, underground city, Hur cottage, cruises and also Greek aground ship are the other attractions of this island. coastal beaches, equestrian facilities, cycling road, carting, diving, jet ski, fly board, Paracel and water skiing are the other tourism features of the island. This island has been declared as the forth tourist destination in South West Asia by the World Tourism Organization and it’s due to the island’s tourist attractions and the very beautiful prospect of Hormuz sea and Persian Gulf. No need to get Iranian visas for all foreign nationals, is one of the reasons for arrivals of foreign tourists to the island. The next four days of trip we want to visit Qeshm Island. Qeshm Island is the biggest island of Iran and the Persian Gulf which is located in the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is one of the world’s most important waterways. Qeshm city is a part of the Hormozgan province which includes the island. Large islands around the Qeshm Island are Hengam, Hormoz, and Lark. Virginal nature and beautiful beach of the islands are interesting for tourists and have many tourism attractions, and among them Hengam island because of it’s proximity to the Qeshm island and it’s dolphin habitat, deers and crocodiles park, attracts tourists more than the rest of them.The island has plenty of beaches and shores. Coast features of this island, are the diversity of rocky, sandy and muddy shores that such property is to be found together in less islands. Beautiful beaches of Hengam island is the home of the intelligent and playful dolphins and it will attract interested tourists in Qeshm and Hengam islands. Tourists, In addition to the beautiful beaches between Hengam and Qeshm Island, visit the dreamy nature of the island and also the crocodile farm.

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