Beautiful city with fantastic custom .A port city and located in Persian Gulf


Bushehr province is of the southern provinces of Iran in terms of having the largest are is the seventeenth biggest province and is located at the region of the Persian Gulf. Bushehr Bandar (port) is the center of this province.  Due to being located at the strategic Persian Gulf coast, maritime exports and imports, fishing industry, having natural gas and oil reservoirs, agriculture and palm orchards and having nuclear power plant, this province has special strategic and economic importance; so much that it has been called the energy capital of Iran. Struggle of the Tangestan people against the foreign forces during the last century is of the important historical indicators of this province. 

Bushehr has humid, hot summers , mild winters and pleasant springs.

Civilization of Bushehr city return to elamaite dynasty and the older name of Boushehr was Liyan, a port city which was a cultural center in the old world and bridge connecting the civilization of the East and West.

Bushehr city is famous because of fantastic seafood dishes like Qalieh Meigoo and 

Qalieh Mahi.

Lanj or Lenj are built in boushehr city, Trip and Travel with Lenj or Lanj is amazing.

These small,hand-built wooden boats are used by the inhabitants of southern Iran to sail,trade andfish on the Persian Gulf.The skill of building and sailing these traditional fishing boats was inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage in 2011.

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