Varzaneh Gem of Isfahan Province


Varzaneh is a town in Isfahan province in central Iran. It is located near the Gav khuni wetlands at latitude 52°, 39´ and longitude 32°, 25´ north, 1475m above sea level, with a population of 13000 people.

The town houses many historical monuments. Friday Mosque of Varzaneh, the last bridge on the Zayandeh-Rood River, one of the largest adobe fortresses in Iran by the name of Ghoortan, Pigeon-hole-Tower, the beautiful Salt Lake of Varzaneh, and… just to name a few. Among the recreations that the desert offers to the visitors are: Desert Hike, Desert Driving, Camel Riding, Zipline,… 

Bear in mind that: 

Winter and autumn are the best seasons for travel to Deserts, especially autumn when temperature is higher than winter. At this time of year having a sustained look up at the night sky imparts the viewer unutterable satisfaction. The entire road to Varzaneh is asphalt. Use hired car at convenience. You can stay there for the night at traditional lodges. Still, if you are interested in camping, you can set up a tent. 

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