Iran is a well-known destination for its classic Persian cities, filled with stunning mosques and dreamy gardens and amazing historical monuments with great civilizations. Very few travelers think of Iran as a fantastic destination, but it truly can be. Iranian culture and civilization endow the place with unique rituals, believes, attitudes, art forms, handicrafts, and others. An enigmatic country like Iran has its roots deep into its customs, culture, history, and religion. The more you try to enjoy this essence, the more amusing Iran becomes. Known for its flavored legacy and history, this land has a unique charm that accounts for its sovereignty, customs, beauty, and others. Each city is different in this element creating a cluster of diversity that no other country can show. Iran offers endless opportunities for people who love In-depth Cultural, Trekking & adventure trips. For sure Iran is a destination to fall in love with its mesmerizing architecture, deserts, mountains, jungles, etc. If you love pampering yourself, Iran is the place to be. Iran is one of the countries in the world which has four seasons at one time. While the north is covered with snow in the south you have tropical weather. Therefore the climate of the country varies greatly due to features of global location. In winter you can go skiing in the north of Tehran, and a day later you can head south to Kashan and experience the dry heat at Iran’s beautiful deserts. By texting us and booking your tour and travel with us in Iran, we will show you the most magnificent parts of Iran and make an unforgettable tour and travel  for you and you would never forget your trip to Iran 


You must have heard a lot about the mysterious country of Iran and its profound cultural and historical background. But is it better to travel to Iran in group tours or as individuals?

If you are reading this text you might possibly love traveling and having adventures and have probably traveled to a lot of places around the world and have several other destinations in your future traveling plan. Among all the destinations you can choose to travel to, Iran is a mysterious region with hospitable people and can be the best place for experiencing an enjoyable and lovely trip. Iran, a less known country, is full of tourist attractions and 27 sights from among its countless sights have been REGISTERED IN THE LIST OF UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SIGHTS so far consequently, it is worth thinking about the most optimum way to travel to this country. Whether to travel individually as a solo traveler, to travel with family by family cars or traveling on tours with other people. Although each of these ways of traveling has its own attractions as well as challenges, traveling on tours is one of the best ways we can suggest.

Sharing the cost of meals, accommodations, and transportation among a group reduces your travel expenses and provides some group perks such as reduced pricing on some tours and other activities. Travel with INBOUND PERSIA TRAVEL AGENCY would be EASIER, SAFER and more COMFORTABLE. Vacations are meant as an escape from the daily grind.  It is a time to relax and unwind, explore and discover. So, let someone else take care of the details. This is valuable time that doesn’t have to be spent worrying about how you’re going to get there, what you’re going to do when you get there and where your next meal is coming from. Traveling with a group can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to live your dream. Communicating and gaining experience with people’s interaction is one of the most important results of traveling. Having years of experience as a tour operator in Iran, we are pleased to inform you that our group tours have been held repeatedly through years and people from all around the world participate in these tours. So you have a chance to travel at a reasonable price, socialize with different nationalities and have great memories of Iran.

We offer you 10 Day Iran tour with the main attractions to experience Iran hospitality, Persian culture, Persian cuisine, and architecture. We hope Iran will be an unforgettable host for you. Our group tour offer is 10 days tour only 490 Euro that include Visa Services, Hotel, Breakfast, Transfer, Transport, Driver, and Guide. Iran is the perfect place to travel on your own and according to your budget. Traveling in Iran is a lot easier than most people assume. Come along with Inbound Persia Travel Agency to travel around IRAN. Stay in touch with our capable team to book your tour and travel to Iran

Inbound Persia Group Tour

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Trip Itinerary :

Day 01: Tehran

Transfer from IKA Airport to the hotel

Arrival at IKA International airport, we will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. You will have time to rest and relax before our morning tour start tomorrow. Overnight in Tehran.

Airport Transfer ,IranAirport Transfer

Day 02: Tehran

Sightseeing:  Glolestan Palace, Saad Abad Palace ,Darband , Nature Bridge (Tabiat Bridge)

In the morning we pay a visit to Golestan Palace. Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. This amazing Palace in 2003 was designated a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Afterward, we will visit Saad Abad Complex with an immense area of 1,100,000 square meters and 18 magnificent historical palaces (2 of which we will visit). This palace was built by Pahlavi dynasty and it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on us. After visiting these two palaces its time to have lunch and take a rest in Darband. Darband, a cute village in the mountains north of Tehran for some food. In the night or in the evening we will visit Nature bridge and walk through this amazing and masterpiece of Iranian architecture and enjoy this place and then returning to the hotel. Overnight in Tehran.

Golestan PalaceSaad Abad PalaceNature Bridge

Day 03 : Kashan

Sightseeing :  Tabatabai and Boroojerdi Houses, Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse and Fin Garden

We will leave Tehran and drive to Kashan.  Kashan is a popular tourist destinations in Iran and attracts a large number of tourists each year. Kashan has a 7000 year history and we will visit the beautiful sites of this city during our tour such as  visit both Tabatabai and Boroojerdi House, outstanding examples of upmarket historical houses typical of Kashan and Sultan Amir Ahmad bathhouse, afterward we will visit UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE (Fin Garden ). Overnight in Kashan.

Tabatabae House , Iran TourBoroojerdi House , Iran TourSoltan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Day 04 : Isfahan

Sightseeing : Imam Square (Naghshe Jahan Square) Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque , Shah Mosque and Isfahan Grand Bazaar and Chehel setoon Palace

As the 17th-century capital of the Safavid Empire, Isfahan was one of the world's greatest cities architecturally striking, wealthy beyond imagination, and politically powerful with Europeans, Ottomans, Indians, and Chinese coming to its court– the heart of a vast Persian Empire that stretched from the Euphrates River in present-day Iraq to the Oxus River in Afghanistan. Indeed, its grandeur inspired the rhyming proverb, Isfahan nesf e jahan (Isfahan is half of the World). Imam Square of Isfahan is one of the largest city squares in the world and Built by Shah Abbas I the Great at the beginning of the 17th century. This amazing site  in 1979 was designated a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Must see this place. Imam square is surrounded by important historical buildings from the Safavid era. The Shah Mosque is situated on the south side of this square. On the west side, you can find Ali Qapu Palace. Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque is situated on the eastern side of this square and the northern side opens into the Isfahan Grand Bazaar. They are an impressive testimony to the level of social and cultural life in Persia during the Safavid era. Afterward we will visit Chehel Sotoun, literally meaning forty columns, is a royal pavilion that was built by Shah Abbas I as a place to receive ambassadors and international guests. The Chehel Sotun Palace, along with eight other gardens, is registered as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE under the name of the Persian Gulf. Overnight in Isfahan.

Imam SquareShah MosqueChehel Setoon Palace or Forty Column Palace

Day 05 : Isfahan

Sightseeing : Jame' Mosque, Vank Cathedral, , Si-o-seh Pol Bridge

Today we continue our tour of the city with a visit to Isfahan’s Jame' Mosque which holds in itself the passage of several centuries of historical Islamic evolution. This mosque is a gallery of Islamic architecture in which the progress of the architecture from the outset of Islam till recent times is evident .Then we will visit Vank Cathedral which is one of the most beautiful Armenian churches in the world and will undoubtedly capture the attention of every Christian. Afterwards. We will conclude with a visit to Allahverdi Khan Bridge popularly known as Si-o-seh pol; the bridge of thirty-three spans. It is one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge design and the longest bridge on the Zayanderud (the largest river of the Iranian Plateau in central Iran) with the total length of 297.76 meters. You can do free activities in the evening.Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Vank Cathedral Church , Isfahan IranVank Cathedral Church , Isfahan IranSio-seh-pol Bridge , Isfahan Iran

Day 06 : Yazd

Sightseeing : Zurkhaneh ,Amir Chakhmagh Square and Excursion in the city

We take up our tour by travel to the historical and UNESCO REGISTERED CITY OF YAZD. The City of Yazd is located in the middle of the Iranian plateau, 270 km southeast of Isfahan, close to the Spice and Silk Roads. Since 2017, the historical city of Yazd is recognized as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE BY UNESCO. Yazd is among the unique historical provinces in Iran and one of the most beautiful mud-brick cities in the world. The wide range of tourist attractions brings all through the year tourists from around the globe. The city has acquired many titles throughout centuries: the City of World's Wind-Catchers, The City of Bicycles, The City of Sweets, The City of Qanats, and The City of Fire and Sun. In the evening we will visit zurkhaneh. It is a combination of martial arts, strength training, and music. Way before bodybuilding, Persians used to practice weightlifting in Zoorkhaneh. We can see this tradition present in ancient Iranian stories too. Afterward, we visit Amir chakhmagh square and afterward we walk through the city and enjoy this mud-brick city. Overnight in Yazd.

Yazd City,IranZoorkhanehAmir Chakhmagh Square

Day 07 : Yazd

Sightseeing : Ziaeeyeh school or Alexandra Prison , Jame Mosque ,Art House , Qanat, Dowlat Abad Garden

The city dates from Sassanid era (2000 years ago), and was called in those days "Isatis".It also means Worship, Praise and Adoration. The appellation of the city is "The City of Gods". Yazd is the second Mud-Brick city in the world remaining from ancient times. We will visit Alexandra Prison or Ziyaeeyeh School ,Jameh Mosque of Yazd , Art house of Yazd and Qanats  in the morning and in the evening we will visit Dowlat Abad Garden. Overnight in Yazd.

Art House of YazdAlexandra PrisonDowlat Abad Garden


Day 08 :  Shiraz

Sightseeing: Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghsh e Rostam )

Our excursion for Today is Persepolis. Founded by Darius I in 518 B.C., Persepolis was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It was built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models. The importance and quality of the monumental ruins make it a unique archaeological site. It seems that Darius planned this impressive complex of palaces not only as of the seat of government but also, and primarily, as a showplace and a spectacular center for the receptions and festivals of the Achaemenid kings and their empire such as Nowroz (New Year, March 21st). This amazing place in 1979 was designated a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The next is Necropolis(Naghsh e- Rostam). Opposite Rahmat mountain, ten minutes drive to the north, proudly stands the Necropolis, the magnificent burial place of Achaemenid kings. The site also provides seven bas-reliefs dating back to Elamite and Sassanid periods. Stay overnight in shiraz.

Tour to Persepolis , Shiraz, Iran . Inbound Persia Travel AgencyTour to Persepolis , Shiraz, Iran . Inbound Persia Travel AgencyTour to Persepolis , Shiraz, Iran . Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Day 09 : Shiraz

Sightseeing : Nasir al Mulk Mosque , Naranjestan Garden and Zand Complex, Eram Garden and Hafez Tomb

In the morning you will visit Nasir al Mulk mosque and Naranjestan Garden and after that the historical complex of Zandieh which include: Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazaar, and Vakil Mosque constitutes our day visit. Add to that our walk to Karim-Khan Citadel and the historic districts of the city as well and in the evening you will visit Eram Garden , in 2011 thisfantastic botanical garden was designated a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Must see this garden it is amazing.Afterward you will visit ,Hafez tomb. One of the most greatest Iranian poetries. Stay overnight in Shiraz.

Nasir Al Mulk Mosque or Pink Mosque ,ShirazNaranjestan GardenEram Garden


Day 10 : Shiraz or Tehran


Our tour finish and you will depart Iran, the land of warmth and hospitality with fond memories.We will transfer you to Shiraz International Airport or IKA international airport to depart from Iran.


Airport Transfer




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490  Euro Per Person


Duration :

10 Days


Group Size :

Minimum  2/ Maximum 6 


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All Breakfast


Transport : 

Private transport


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Stars hotel and Boutique hotel (Iranian traditional hotels)


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