On an altitude of 1510 meters above sea level, Abarkouh or Abarkooh is an ancient desert town located in Yazd province today. When you travel between Yazd, Shiraz, and Isfahan, you will find Abarkouh, somewhere geographically located among these major cities. Historically, this town has been part of Kerman and at some point part of Fars province. It has the architectural character of a desert town with its houses traditionally built very close to one another and made with vaulted roofs. The main construction material was sun-dried bricks. This is because the entire region around it lacks trees and ample sources of water. However, as a result of underground aqueducts (Karis system) dug by people, the town has got plenty of green patches of cultivated lands and gardens. Although the majority of the people traveling across Iran don’t stay in Abarkouh, this doesn’t mean that this town has nothing to offer. Most of the times, like in this case, it’s the lack of sufficient accommodation units and other tourism-related facilities which leaves Abarkooh out of the main staying points in Iran

Geography of Abarkouh

The average annual precipitation in Abarkooh is 75.3 mm and the average annual temperature is 16.7°C.

Population & Economy of Abarkouh

This city is just above one million and grows in population asmore people migrate to form the villages to the cities.The economy of Abarkouh is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. The city has suffered drought in recent years and it has affected the agriculture of the city. Abarkouh Iron and Steel Industry is a major and large industry of the city.

History of Abarkouh

Up to the 10th century, This city was a major city in Kerman province. Then, it was attached to Fars province. Around that time and according to various historical sources, during the reign of the Abbasids or the Buyids, Abarkouh was quite prosperous and populous. The reason is the location of the town on the main route of caravans coming from the major cities referred to above. Back then, this city was strongly walled and fortified with a citadel in it. Local rulers from regional dynasties had seized and taken control of this town several times. However, the town thrived under the Seljuks and continued its financial importance under the Ilkhanids and others. Safavids showed particular attention to Abarkouh, Biabanak, Yazd and other towns in central Iran in the 17th century. Afghans’ invasion inflicted a lot of damages to the town in the late 18th century. During the Qajars’ ascending to power and last Zand ruler’s battle against them, Abarkouh was the object of several military attacks and activities. In the late Qajar period, the town had been led to chaotic and unstable conditions.

Today, as Abarkooh’s infrastructure hasn’t been upgraded and the town’s facilities aren’t efficiently increased, it has lost the previous status and downgraded drastically. Having said this, at least a stop through this town is highly recommended to see how the life is going on there and what monuments are still standing and attracting travelers from inside and outside Iran to Abarkouh.


Abarkouh Historic Attractions inside the City

Here’s a list of these interesting places:


Gonbad-e Ali

This tomb tower is the oldest structure that remained in the townsince the 11th century, Dailamite period. It’s one of the earliest tomb towers in Iran and is located on top of a hill just on the outskirt of the town.

Gonbad-e Ali , Abarkouh Iran

Abarkouh Jameh Mosque

This is the mosque built in 14th century under the rule of Ilkhanid dynasty although certain sections of this mosque could suggest an earlier time of construction like the Seljuk period. It has been largely restored and covered with mud and straw on the exterior.

Abarkouh Jameh Mosque , Abarkouh Iran

Aghazadeh Historical House

Aghazadeh Historical House is one of the priceless houses in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE city of Yazd. This 200-year old house from the Qajar era is located in Abarkooh, Yazd. After going under a demanding renovation process, the house finally got prepared to welcome Iranian and non-Iranian guests. Colorful glasses in the windows, delicate molding on the edges, and tall arches, all signify the traditional Persian architecture.

Aghazadeh Historical House , Abarkouh Iran

Ancient Cypress Tree

The world’s 3rd oldest tree lives in the city of Abarkouh in Iran and is a symbol of life and beauty.

Cypress Tree or Sarv-e Abarkuh is one of the natural wonders of the world. It is the world’s third oldest tree after a Great Basin bristlecone pine (5,062 years old) and Methuselah (4,845 years old). This oldest living heritage of Iran is about 28 meters high and 11.5 meters wide at its trunk. It is a slow-growing, evergreen tree which blooms in mid-spring and has become one of the main attractions of Abarkuh city along with the Aghazadeh Historical House and its famous wind catchers. Several historians have mentioned this tree in their notes. It’s still a living thing being protected by the city hall of Abarkouh and it dates back to 4500 years ago.

Cypress Tree of Abarkouh , Iran

Historic Attractions outside the City

Here’s a list of the historic attractions that you can find outside this city:


Hajikhan Castle of Esfandabad

Along with several other castles, Hajikhan Castle of Esfandabad has located 36 km from Abarkooh. The famous castles close to this city date backmainly to different periods of Sassanid, Zandieh, Afsharid, and Qajar eras.

Hajikhan Castle , Abarkouh Iran

Robat Castle of Abarkouh

This Castle is located on the western border of Abarkouh and belongs to the Safavid period. Robat Castle was once a residential building. There are cross, squareand ellipse-shaped motifs created all around the castle.

Abarkouh Castle , Iran

Firoozabad and Qal’eh Noe Castle

This monument is a residential castle near Abarkouh. Iranians built this castle to provide security against different dangers such as the intruder and thief attacks. There is also a wall created on the side of the castle. This part is famous for “New Castle” or Qal’eh Noe.


Qaleh Noe , Abarkouh Iran


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