Iran started the year with several rocky events. There were protests about rising fuel prices, a US drone strike on a major Iranian General, and the crash of a Ukrainian passenger flight. Understandably, travelers are concerned about their safety and are asking if they should still travel to Iran or not. Considering the economical status in Iran, the country is tying to reassure travelers about their upcoming travel plans. Here comes the question of the safety of traveling to Iran. Because of the nuclear plan of Iran, the USA and other foreign countries such as Europeans are isolating and putting sanctions on Iran. Traveling to Iran could be a unique experience. There is always bad news about Iran but when you travel to Iran you can see how Iran is different. Iran has different rules and regulations such as wearing a hijab and not drinking alcohol either. Still, the results and talking to Iran former travelers show that based on their experience with trustable Iran tours, not only your Iran travel would be safe but also your Iran tour guide would always be there to help you in an unexpected situation. Remember Iran is entirely safe to travel, but it is recommended to visit Iran trough an Iran travel agency, especially if it is your first Iran trip. Iran is a vast country and is especial in so numorous aspects. For example, if you are a desert lover, camel riding, and starry skies, Iran has the hottest desert in the world (the Lout desert). If you would like experience and see something new, Iran has the world’s biggest water cave located in Hamadan, where Avicenna the guidon of modern medicine was born. You can explore this water cave with paddle boats. If you are a climber and a fan of skiing, you should know Iran has the highest volcano in Asia (The Damavand mount) with 5,761 meters height located in the north of the capital of Iran, Tehran. And various sites that you can only visit in Iran like the highest wind catcher in the world in Yazd. If like many other Iran visitors, you don’t want to miss any of these unique sights, as a pioneer in the Iran tourism industry, the Inbound PersiaTravel Agency offers the best services with the lowest prices compared to the other Iran travel agencies. You can also customize your Iran tour package and change the dates of accommodation or the sights you will be visiting if you don’t like the offered ones. We highly recommend taking a look at our website or contacting us directly. It is time to pack your bag for a romantic trip




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Ancient Land of Beauty and Wonder. A legendary ancient land in the center of the Middle East, a country with a land area of over 1,648,000 square kilometers on the northern coasts of the Persian Gulf, a country with seven different climates; this is IRAN, the land of the Persian, Azari, Kurd, Baluch, Lor, Turkmen, and Arab people; the land of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The land of peace and friendship, the land of various languages and dialects, the land of colors and seasons, the land of forests and deserts, the land of palaces and citadels, the land of ceremonies and festivals. The beautiful land of Iran in the paradise of tourists: people who will never forget the hospitality of its people, delicious Iranian food and its numerous historical and natural attractions. Iran, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia were the first parts of the earth ever to see the rise of rural societies some ten thousand years before the present. During the Neolithic period, the early inhabitants of the land of Iran domesticated goat, sheep, etc. and furrowed field and sowed the seed to grow barley and wheat. Moreover, they created the first ceramic artifacts in history and expressed their religious beliefs by building small temples in Tappeh Zagheh (today’s Qazvin) and painting religious symbols on ceramic objects. About 3200 BC, simultaneously with the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Iranians developed urban societies and founded one of the greatest cities of the ancient world: the glorious Susa (today’s Shush in Khuzestan province) 

They also resisted against foreign invaders of the time, Assyrians and Akkadians


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Iran is one of the most ancient countries located in the west south of Asia. Regarding its geographical position, Iran connects the East to the West. The long history and the vast area have led to amazingly variant climatic conditions, cultural attractions and natural landscapes. That is why Iran is famous as a destination for all four seasons. Whilst some are now seeking to build walls and put up barriers, Iran is inviting people in. It's open and wants to open further, it is changing and offers people an experience they will not experience elsewhere... Iran is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and has been among the world’s most thoughtful and complex civilizations from the very beginning. There are aspects of Iranian civilization that, in one way or another, have touched almost every human being on the planet. But the story of how that happened, and the full significance of those influences, is often unknown and forgotten

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Iran as the cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world is a country of great diversity in ethnic groups. Though the majority of Iranians are Persian, there are still many people from different ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious backgrounds living in Iran. Though all these groups have their own traditions, customs, languages, clothes, and lifestyles, they are all called Iranians and live together peacefully as a large united community. Such diversity among various ethnic groups not only adds to the richness of Iran’s culture but also could be considered as one of the surpassing beauties of Iran that have made the country a live museum. Travel to Iran to enjoy the great variety you will see in different parts of the country

Ethnic Groups of Iran


Long history, outstanding architecture, elegant gardens, delicious food, hospitable people, astonishing landscapes, and remarkable wildlife all represent Iran as a great destination to explore. Iran embraces mountains, deserts, forests, caves, canyons, rivers, Geo-park, and national parks. Since Iran covers a vast area, it takes advantage of various landscapes and different climatic conditions resulting in remarkable biodiversity. Therefore, it has the most inspiring places for adventure travelers from around the world. Travel to Iran and experience different adventurous activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing, biking, canyoneering, watching wildlife, sand boarding and safari, and meeting nomads. Bring your spirit of adventure and enjoy the exotic experience of wandering in deserts and jungles of Iran to discover the diversity of its fascinating nature

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Iran bazaars are among the astonishing tourist attractions that will amaze tourists and travelers with their various colors, flavors, and fragrances. There are many attractive subjects for photography and more important than photos, it is a place to keep in touch with people from different social-economic classes all wandering in bazaars to exchange goods and greetings, to do business, to pray, and simply to have some tea. The traditional Iranian bazaar is a roofed complex of shops, passageways, caravanserais, bathhouses, and squares. It is not limited to business and commercial acts, it is a place for relationships. It is a place that provides an opportunity for individuals to discuss and exchange opinions. In fact, bazaars are for commercial, social, cultural, religious, and political activities. For Iranians, bazaar looks like Piazza for the Europeans and Hiroba for the Japanese. Not only does Iran embrace traditional bazaars as a roofed complex of shops and passageways, but also it embraces great malls and modern bazaars as the more entertaining parts of the major Iranian cities. The bazaar is the heart of the Iranian city leading to the urban growth and it has provided strong social and physical network constructed through ages

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Mosques as symbols of Muslim religious traditions have been recognized as one of the main factors of any city over the years. The importance of mosques in Iranian cities is insofar as the Jameh mosque, the largest and most important mosque in any city is located next to Bazaar, which is the driving force of the economy and trade center. Therefore, they are also considered as one of the leading tourist destinations. That’s why the architecture of the mosques is stunning and spectacular, and the architects in various historical eras tried their best to build great mosques. The use of fine colors along with exquisite architectural forms added to the glory of these holy places. All the efforts to build mosques are to remind the superior world of mysticism and spirituality. From the color of the tiles to the shape of the arches, they catch mind and sight and it permits a view of heaven to the sky. Architecture and related decorations are not the only reason for the exterior beauty of Iranian mosques. Rather, they use tiling, painting, plastering, carving, calligraphy, and even the euphonious sound of Adhan and the Quran. In our tours, we will show you the history of Mosques in Iran and how tourists love to travel to Iran and visit these amazing and holly places. Nasir al Mulk Mosque or Pink Mosque in Shiraz, Shah Mosque, Sheikh lotfolah Mosque and Jame Mosque of Isfahan are the most amazing mosques of Iran that tourists love to see. Come along with Inbound Persia Travel Agency and we will show you all here

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Festivals, rituals, events, and traditions are among the variety of interesting factors that make a distinction. The distinction is a critical factor that motivates tourists to visit different countries of the world. Iran, as a historical country has variety of ancient traditions still held by Iranian people. To get familiar with Iranian culture, its most famous festivals and ceremonies are introduced and explained


Nowruz known as the Persian New Year is one of the greatest Iranian festivals celebrated worldwide by Iranians and some other ethnolinguistic groups as the beginning of the New Year. It is a traditional festival having roots in thousand years ago even before the development of the Persian Empire in 5th BC. Persian New Year begins at the end of freezing days of winter when the fresh mild days of spring are celebrated for 13 days usually beginning on 21st of March is the first day of spring in the Iranian calendar. Since Nowruz begins at the exact moment of the vernal equinox, the moment of celebrating the New Year differs from one year to another. The true moment of Nowruz is calculated according to Jalali calendar. Though Nowruz is deeply rooted in Zoroastrian creed, it goes beyond religious, cultural, and national boundaries and it is celebrated as a traditional festival by all Iranians and many others living in other countries such as Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan. It is also inscribed on UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity in 2010. Consequently, March 21 was recognized by the UN General Assembly as the International Day of Nowruz 

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At the beginning of Nowruz, a fictional character in Persian folklore comes to the streets. He is called Haji Firuz whose face is covered in soot and wears a red hat and bright red clothes. He plays tambourine, sings, dances, and takes money from people who are happy with his happy singing 

Setting “Sofreh Haft Seen” is an interesting custom of Nowruz. Sofreh or tabletop includes Seven (Haft) symbolic edible herbs and fruits all starting with the “Seen” letter in Persian Alphabet (pronounces as S letter in English), and ornamented mirror, Holy book, and a Divan of Hafez. Each of the fruits or herbs stands for a meaningful concept. For instance, Seeb( Apple) stands for health, Sumac stands for warmth of life, or Sabzeh (sprouted wheat grass) stands for a sign of life renewal. During 13 days of Eid Nowruz (New Year festival), relatives and friends meet each other to say “ Eid Mubarak”, celebrate the new year together, eat delicious sweets dedicated to Nowruz, and wish each other a fortunate and prosperous year. Moreover, the elderly usually give Eidi(gifts or goodwill money) to their children, grandchildren, or relatives’ kids. The last day of Nowruz (the 13th day) is called Sizdahbedar. It is also known as the day of nature. On the last day of Nowruz, Iranian families spend time picnicking outdoors by gathering in parks, gardens, and other green places. According to a traditional belief, it is inauspicious to stay home on the 13th day of Nowruz; however, it is an opportunity to spend time happily on the last day of Nowruz Holiday and also to get enough energy for the new working days

Nowruz .Iranian New year

YALDA NIGHT (Shab-e-Yalda) 


Shab-e-Yalda (Yalda Night) also known as Shab-e Chelleh is one of the most ancient Persian festivals annually celebrated on December 21 by Iranians all around the world. It is the last night of autumn and the longest night of the year. Yalda means birth and it refers to the birth of Mitra; the mythological goddess of light. Since days get longer and nights to get shorter in winter, Iranians celebrate the last night of autumn as the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness.  On Shab-e-Yalda, people gather in groups of friends or relatives and usually at the home of grandparents or the elderly to pass the longest night of the year happily by eating nuts and fruits, reading Hafiz poems, making good wishes, and talking and laughing all together. Eating is a delicious part of Yalda Night. Iranians eat nuts, watermelons, and pomegranates on this special night. Some believe that watermelon symbolizes the sun by its spherical shape while others believe that eating watermelon keeps one safe from being hurt by winter diseases and coldness. Pomegranate is also a symbol of birth and its bright red seeds symbolize the glow of life.  Reading poems from Divan-e-Hafiz is another interesting tradition of Yalda Night. Each of the members of a family or a group of friends makes a wish and randomly opens the book; then the eldest member of the family or friends reads the randomly selected poem loudly. Since the poem is believed to be the interpretation of the wish and the way it would come true, it is fun to interpret the poem and guess the wishes others make. In this way, the last and longest night of autumn passes happily and the first great day of winter begins

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Tasua and Ashura are respectively the 9th and 10th days of Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar) and Shia Muslims commemorate the battle of Karbala that occurred in 680 AD and the Muslims’ Prophet’s grandson” Hossein” and his 72 relatives and supporters were killed. Tasua and Ashura are somehow symbols of standing up for justice. Tasua and Ashura ceremonies are an example of cultural-religious ceremonies among Shia-Muslims. They are held annually in the form of mass movement in Iran. Though Tasua and Ashura are religious ceremonies for Iranians, they fascinate many tourists by representing different traditions varying from one city to the other one. In fact, Tasua and Ashura ceremonies reflect the culture   and   religion   of   Shia   Muslims of Iran. People usually dress in black and rally in the street. Some hold huge metal pieces decorated with flags and lead the population, some beat their drums, some hit their backs with chains, and others accompany the mourning ones 

Many families cook food that is called “Nazri”. Nazri is distributed among all people whether rich or poor and the lucky tourists can participate in making food or distributing it and finally eating the delicious Nazri food 

In Tehran, Imam Mosque in the grand bazaar is one of the best places to observe the event; however, it is really crowded. In Yazd, Nakhl-Gardani is one of the great cultural-religious traditions. The Nakhl (meaning palm-tree) is a huge structure weighing several tons in the shape of a very large leaf or the cypress tree. Hundreds of male mourners in Amir Chakhmaq Square carry the Nakhl which symbolizes the coffin of Imam Hossein and his martyr companions on their shoulders. The city of Taft close to Yazd boasts the largest Nakhl of Yazd province. Lorestan’s people also hold ceremonies such as performing tragic music with Chamari (a traditional musical instrument) during the first decade of Muharram

Tasua and Ashura in Iran


Many people appreciate the golden sand dune of deserts, some love it for its peace and calmness, some others like it for safari and off-road activities and some for taking amazing photos. The diversity of Iran deserts can fulfill travelers of various tastes. we will show you the beauty and untouched nature of Iran and explores some of the most remote areas of this fascinating land. One of the most unique and amazing deserts of Iran that must-see is Lut Desert. Lut desert tour and experience a unique trip (A world Heritage Site) and hottest place on earth. Lut Desert is the hottest spot on earth with a temperature rising above 71°; a pristine and uninhabited land. Shahdad Kalut is one of the most beautiful areas in the Lut Desert. The highest sand dunes in the world are to be found in Kavir-e Lut. The highest known dunes in the world stand 300m high at maximum (in Libya), but here the height of some of the dunes reaches as high as 480m. Also, there are 40 Quaternary volcanoes in the Kavir. Dasht-e Lut is the first Iranian place inscribed on the UNESCO's WORLD HERITAGE List. A vast desert with impressive sceneries which can be the best destination for trekking

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Create Memories together In Iran traveling with the family is a very good way to create lasting memories that will linger and cherished for a very long time. Years later, you might stumble upon a photo album or video of your vacation and relive the wonderful memories once again. Memories are meant to be remembered and cherished for as long as you live. In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy you bought them, they will remember the time you spent with them. Inbound Persia Travel Agency team offers Iran family tours and all-inclusive vacations with kids in traditional and non-traditional routes for both first-time and second-time Iran travelers. Whatever type of family holiday tour you’re looking for, you’ll find it on Inbound Persia Travel Agency! Explore our extensive selection of amazing family holiday packages and start planning your ultimate getaway today — there are different kinds of itineraries to choose from

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Our family adventure holidays offer the best of IRAN: an expertly guided tour with accommodation, activities, and amenities that are specially tailored to adventurous families. That means child-friendly excursions and hotels, and plenty of flexible free time so you can bond with your nearest and dearest. Plus, you’re not limited in the way of destinations. Our family tour consists of 12 days in Iran and you can enjoy your travel. We have been preparing a tour for you to take advantage of your enjoyment. Hotels, Transfers everything is convenient for you because you bring your kids.

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The art of gardening in Iran return to Achaemenid Empire. Cyrus the Great made the first garden with Persian concept and design. (6th century B.C. ) Persian gardens are not only about geometries and shapes; but also manifest different design elements, each representing a specific symbol and its significance among the society.During the Sassanid era, these gardens were constructed in front of palaces and temples and this trend continued in the Islamic period, as well. The garden design includes four sectors known as “Chahar Bagh ( four Garden)” with water playing a crucial role both in watering and embellishment. They are a reflection of the legendary sense of nature, and the universal order for the ancient Iranian people. As they are intended to persist in specific weather conditions, trees and plants have been arranged properly and also the visitors will see an appropriate choice of flora as soon as they get in there. Inbound Persia Travel Agency is proud of arranging Persian Garden tours for you to visits an become familiar with architecture and nature enthusiasts

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