Inbound Persia travel agency is ready to provide international patients with the best medical tourism services in Iran. We will always strive to provide the best treatment options and medical tourism packages tailored to patients' needs. Patient satisfaction will always be the most important part in preparing our medical tourism packages Our doctors will help you choose the best surgeon and hospital by holding specialized medical commissions. Our trained translators will accompany you in all stages of treatment in Iran and our experts will support you after treatment and even after leaving Iran

Why medical tourism in Iran?

There are many reasons for the increase in the number of people prepared to get medical treatments like heart surgery, dental work, cosmetic and plastic surgery, orthopedic treatments and weight loss surgery in Iran.

Iran offers a wide range of state-of-the-art treatment, through an extensive network of well-equipped and modern hospitals, around 850 hospitals, and rehabilitation centers at reasonable costs. An analysis of the costs of the various procedures shows that treatment costs in Iran are far lower than other countries. The difference between medical costs in Iran and other countries is about 50-400%.

The costs of treatment in Iran is also very cost-effective compared to its regional competitors, including Turkey, Thailand, Singapore and India. The unique combination of experience, facilities and natural resources is the key to success of the Iranian health tourism system.

Apart from these, Iran also enjoys a unique range of competent medical staff. Medical specialists and sub-specialists in the country are highly-qualified professionals and are supported by well-trained paramedics and sophisticated medical equipment. The nursing service in Iran is also highly qualified. Further, the Iranian health tourism system is constantly supported by extensive medical research.

Iran has a unique combination of healthy and pleasant climate, wonderful scenery, magnificent historical and cultural monuments as well as cutting edge technology and sophisticated medical equipment.

Language proficiency, English is spoken by the vast majority of hospitals staff. Besides, a great number of hospitals have hired language translators to make patients feel more comfortable.

Quick and accessible services, one of the driving factors for medical tourists is the fast provision of services meeting their needs. As a medical tourist, you will never have to go through the hustle and bustle of a waiting list and finding the right doctor and the right hospital, everything you might need has already been provided for you before you even reach your destination. As a medical tourist in Iran, you will also be considered a VIP patient and given a private room in the special ward most hospitals have designated for tourists.

Ease of travel, the government has removed a lot of visa restrictions on tourist since 2018. Iran’s government has been supporting this field after realizing its potential as one of the main sources of national revenue boosting the country’s economy, so government officials have started granting about 200 hospitals IPD (International Patients Department) permits. The country has also embarked on a visa waiver program, easing what used to be a tedious process of obtaining a visa.

Medical Tour in Iran

Rich history and stunning Landscape, a prominent aspect of medical tourism is its combination of medicine and tourism. A medical tourist in Iran can enjoy all the perks of any other travelers. The first historical and urban settlement in Iran dates back to 4000 BC, and since then this country has hosted many rulers and dynasties, the relics of which still visible in every part of the land. Also, Iran’s unique and varied natural sites are a must-see for anyone interested in visiting untouched natures.

Iran is also a very popular destination for those medical tourists who are mostly looking for cosmetic, life-altering procedures including but not limited to the highly popular rhinoplasty, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, breast surgery, and gastric sleeves or bypasses.

Although there is a marginal difference between the quality of healthcare offered by private and public hospitals in Iran, private hospitals are known to have better facilities and faster services. English-speaking staff is available in both private and public hospitals.

Comparison between medical tourism in Iran and other countries


The quality offering by hospitals and clinics in Iran is as high as many developed countries.


Iran is the cheapest country among 41 countries offering medical tourism in the world.

Expertise of Iranian surgeons

The overwhelming majority of surgeons in Iran graduated from reputable European and American universities. Besides, they are highly skilled and experienced in this field.


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Medical Tour in Iran

Medical Tourism in Iran

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