Having Iranian home-made food and experiencing the real taste of Persian cuisine during your tour in Iran make an unforgettable experience. Experiencing the living environment of an Iranian family. Learning to cook some Iranian dishes. All happen in Iran Family dinner tour. Our Iran family dinner tour includes Various kind of dishes and delights that are appropriate to fulfill any tastes include vegetarians. Our tours provide you with the opportunity to explore Shiraz city and in the evening join Iranian family and taste Persian food . Iranian cuisine is composed of healthy, organic food, giving rise to aromatic, tasty dishes. Among these dishes, some enjoy world fame. For example: Kebab, Gormeh Sabzi (green herb stew), Fesenjan (Pomegranate Walnut Stew), Ash e Reshte (Noodle and Bean Soup), Abgoosht (Lamb Chickpea Soup), Tahchin (Rice Cake), Kufteh (Meatball with Rics) and many others. These dishes are also accompanied by different traditional drinks and desserts, such as Doogh (yogurt and water, known as Ayran in Turkey), Mast (yogurt) and Sabzi khordan (vegetables). But, what makes these dishes more tasty and delicious is Iranian Hospitality. Iranians consider their guests as friends of God and so they are very welcoming and kind to those who step into their houses. In our Iran family dinner tour , you can spend one night in an Iranian family and experience both the sweet environment of Iranian families and the delicious taste of Iranian dishes.

Package Description : 

A pleasant dinner with an Iranian Family will make you familiar with Iranians habits and traditions of eating.


What to Expect

Iranian Home, Iranian Home-made Dinner

In this tour, we will take you to the house of an Iranian family to have dinner with them. There, you can sit and chat and have pleasant moments with your hosts. Also you will listen to Iranian music. And, you will be presented with some different Iranian dishes to have as your dinner. However, if you are interested in learning Iranian recipes, you can join the lady of the house to learn methods and tricks to cook Persian food. After dinner, you can help the house lady to clean the table. Finally, after having been served with Iranian tea.

This experience is a true authentic dive into the Persian culture while learning about the lifestyle and daily routines. During this three-hour tour, (Iran Family Tour) you dine with a Persian family in their home, having the opportunity to have cultural exchange and get to know how they spend their life as a local. The tour starts with your arrival at their home and has a welcome drink, tea, or a local beverage. Then you spend some time while dinner is getting ready and you can socialize with the family. The food is started with an appetizer. All the meals are Iranian local food, however, you can ask for customization depending on your favorite tastes. The main course and desserts are also served along with side dishes like yogurt, salad, and olive. It starts from 18:00 to 21:00. By booking Iran family tours, you provide a great chance to get introduced to new tastes and recipes. So do not miss the chance to taste all these cuisines. The new tastes are complementary to all other experiences you have in beautiful Iran.

Iran Family dinner tour . Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Sample Menu


Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghorme Sabzi (ghorme sabzi,qormeh sabzi) is a popular stew in Iran, the land of delicious foods. The savory, tasty and yummy stew is made up of a mixture of fresh herbs such as parsley ,cilantro which are usually fried before being cooked with other ingredients like beans, onions, lamb or meat and of course black lime that is originated from Persian Gulf  and gives a unique taste to the stew. Never ever forget to try tahdig (crunchy rice) when travelling to Iran. It is mostly served with rice and stew.

Iran Family dinner tour . Ghormeh Sabzi . Inbound Persia Travel Agency


Gheime a very famous Persian food, called yellow split peas stew in English, refers to a mysterious mix of cubed meat, split meats, extract of tomato, fried onions and spices such as salt, pepper, ground cardamom and turmeric, garnished with fried potato and saffron that really makes it mouth-watering and tasty. Also it is famous as a religious food especially in Ashura distributing among ordinary people or poor ones.

Iran Family dinner tour . Gheimeh . Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Zereshk - Polo

One of the most popular dishes of Persian cuisine, a good combination of saffron, turmeric and fried dried barberries on the top of the served dish. Saffron is like a miracle in all Iranian food and of course in Zereshk-Polo (dried barberry with rice).

Iran Family dinner tour .Zereshk Polo . Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Kalam Polo 

Fars province is one of the historical provinces of Iran, which is best-known for the unique civilization and extraordinary monuments. Shiraz has been the capital of Fars from past to present and therefore, it embraces many traditional, local and delicious foods reflecting a part of climate, culture, custom and the lifestyle of the people in this region. Kalam polo is one of these Iranian traditional foods cooked in most Iranian families but with a completely different taste in Fars province from the other regions of the country. Its smell and taste is exceptionally pleasant because of having different local vegetables. Spending so much time and being patience is the necessary condition for cooking Kalam Polo. Rice, kohlrabi, vegetables (tarragon, dill, basil and leek), minced meat and chickpea flour are the ingredients of this food. Meatball (minced meat with chickpea flour and onion fried in the form of tiny balls), chopped and cooked kohlrabi are usually added to Polo. This original and delicious food is usually served with yogurt and vegetables.

Iran Family dinner tour . Kalam Polo. Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Khoresht-e Bademjan ( Eggplant Stew)

Many dishes in Iran are prepared with eggplant. khoresht-e bademjan is the most popular one. The main ingredients are lamb meat ,fried eggplant ,onion, tomato sauce, spices .lemon is also added to this stew because Iranian people mostly prefer sour taste of all kind of stew. 

Iran Family dinner tour . Khoresht Bademjan. Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Vegetarian meals is available too :

Khoresht-e Mast ( Yogurt Stew)

Despite of having the name of khoresht(Stew), you can see it in the list of Iranian stews.It is a sweet dessert and is served as a side dish.The ingredients are yogurt, lamb neck, saffron and sugar. You can find khoresht e- mast in the majority of Isfahan restaurants because it is a typical dish of Isfahan. This yummy bright yellow, sweet dessert is designed with sliced pistachios and barberries on top.

Iran Family dinner tour . Khoresht Mast.  Inbound Persia Travel Agency


“Ash” as another food which is mostly served in cold months of the year has remedial effects on the body. Then do not hesitate to try it for its taste and also for its health benefits. Ash as a traditional food in Iran not only is it delicious but also it is very useful for the body. The fresh vegetables used in the food give you a lot of vitamins and the food is a nutritious source as you need. The extraordinary healing power of the food makes you energetic. All ingredients used in the food like chickpeas, lentils and beans are great source of protein and fiber. Iran presents a wide range of mouth-watering Ash such as yogurt Ash, plum Ash, Doogh Ash, Tarkhine Ash mostly in west of Iran, tomato Ash, pomegranate Ash, sour Ash, rampion Ash and some other delicious Ash that the fact shows the variety of Iranian culinary art Some restaurants in different cities serve mostly Reshte and Doogh Ash.

Iran Family dinner tour . Ash. Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Koukou Sibzamini – Iranian potato croquettes

Koukou Sibzamini is a sort of Iranian potato omelette quite similar to a Spanish tortilla, with onions and spices (saffron, turmeric, curry) to your tastes. If you like egg based dish, check out all the different sorts of Koukou that exist in Iran and try the green version of this recipe: Koukou Sabzi (with fresh herbs).

Iran Family dinner tour . Koukou Sibzamini. Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Kashke Bademjan

The traditional recipe for Kashke Bademjan is to cook the vegetables separately: eggplant, onion and garlic. Then mash the eggplant with a fork and stir it with the garlic, onion and kashke (or Greek yogurt if you can’t find a Kashke).

Iran Family dinner tour . Kashke Bademjan. Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Dopiazeh Aloo

DoPiyazeh Aloo is one of the most delicious local foods in Shiraz, which is used to boiled potatoes, chopped the skin off into small pieces after cooking, and mix with fried onion and tomato or tomato Sauce. Some also cook two chops with meat. Usually, we serve it with bread. Be our guest in Shiraz to eat this food. This food is popular among the Shiraz.

Iran Family dinner tour . Dopiazeh Aloo. Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Iranian Dessert:

Some ingredients like saffron, rose-water, cinnamon and pistachio are the highlights of Persian desserts. There are few desserts you can mostly find in different restaurants such as Ranginak (date and walnut), Shole-zard (saffron rice pudding), Iranian Halva, Bastani (Iranian ice cream), Faloodeh Shirazi (rice noodles), different kinds of cakes and also Zoolbia and bamieh which are mostly available during the month of Ramadan.

Iran Family dinner tour . Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Persian Drinks and Beverages:

Various kinds of non-alcoholic drinks are common among Iranian people such as soda, coke, Pepsi, fruit juice, Islamic beer, and much more. Some of themare originally from Iran like Sharbat and Aragh which are in different tastes and a must-try Persian beverage during Summer times. Aragh or Arak is extracted from simple plants such as Eglantine, Roze and Meant. Arak also can be mixed with herbal seeds. Based on the medical articles, the positive effects of Arak on the body is more than the plant itself.

Another majestic Persian drink is Doogh, the white sour and salty drink. Don’t hesitate to try it after Kebab, get relaxed and sleepy with drinking a bottle of dugh with dried mint.

Iran Family dinner tour . Inbound Persia Travel Agency

Iran family dinner and experiencing the real taste of Iranian cuisine during your tour in Iran make an unforgettable experience.

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Fresh fruits

Meals (Dinner)

Persian dessert

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