Trip Highlits: The Zagros Mountains, 1,500-kilometer mountain range which stretches from northwest Iran to the shores of the Strait of Hormuz, drawing the Iraqi border, is one of those geographical elements that makes Iran even more fascinating, as they are the reason why a small region drastically switches to a different climate zone in just a few hundred kilometers. This is the reason why Iran, and especially Zagros, has one of the largest nomadic populations on Earth, as they can find the perfect place to live, according to the season they are in, by just traveling for a couple of hours. Wandering around the Zagros Mountains in Iran should be a great thing to do You can enjoy it and it would be a fantastic memory for you when you return to home. After spending 1 day in Tehran and visiting Iran National Museum and Golestan Palace, you move to Isfahan and Yazd and you will visit all the sites and palaces that we allocate for you in Yazd And Isfahan and afterward you will arrive to Shiraz, city of secrets, glory and beauty and 4 season city. City of civilization and Culture. The capital of Persians. In the way to Shiraz You will escaping from the desert and getting a real experience of nature. You will always be much appreciated.Shiraz is the best place from where to visit the Zagros Mountain range, as they are just a 2-hour drive away and you could even combine trekking with visiting some Qashqai nomadic camps. During our visit to Shiraz and the rest of Fars Province we did 2 day-treks, which involved both climbing and river trekking

Trip Itinerary :


Day 1: Tehran

We start the tour by visiting Golestan Palace and Bazaar. And enjoying the capial of Iran.


Day 2 : Isfahan

We move to Isfahan which is among the most beautiful cities in Iran. Here we pay a visit to Historical Bridges on Zayandeh-Rood River. Also, on the way to Isfahan, we make a visit to the historical village of Abyaneh 


Day 3 : Isfahan

We Visit the beautiful Vank Cathedral church and the Armenian District known as Jolfa. The beauty of this church makes you familiar with the splendid Architecture of Safavid Era.


Day 4 : Yazd

We take up our tour by travel to the historical and UNESCO-registered city of Yazd.


Day 5: Yazd

Our tour goes on by visiting the historical districts of the city including Amir Chakhmagh Square, Zoroastrian's Fire Temple, and The Museum of Water. A touch of local life will be an enticing experience.


Day 6: Shiraz City 

We move to the historical and beautiful city of Shiraz, a city from ancient times. On the first-day of Shiraz Tour, we visit Hafiz Tomb, the popular Arch-Poet of Iranians. Next, we visit Quran Gate , a historic city gate at the entrance to Shiraz.


Day 7 : Shiraz Trek 1: Dom e Asb

We left Shiraz at 5 am in the morning and got to the starting point around 7am.At the beginning of the trek, you basically climb the mountains that comprise the edge of the river. After a few hours and some epic views, you start going down to the river shore, where you can have lunch and take a rest before going back along the river The highlight of the trek is that the way back to the starting point goes through the river. It is not an easy task, as you will have to jump over rocks and do some occasional swimming. Overnight in Shiraz


Day 8: Shiraz Trek 2: Ghalat Village

In the morning you will visit Nasir al mulk mosque and Naranjestan Garden and Vakil Bazar and Karim khan Castle and after a short rest in the hotel you will prepare yourself for evening that you will visit Ghalat touristic village for trekking and enjoying the waterfall and beautiful nature.


Day 9: Shiraz

You will visit Pasargadae and Necropolis and Persepolis


Day 10 : Shiraz / Tehran 

You will depart Iran, the land of warmth and hospitality with fond memories.








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