Trip Highlight: Jangal-e Abr (literary meaning Cloud Forest) is one of the oldest and most beautiful forests in Iran. It is the continuum of northern forests in the south of Alborz mountain range and is part of the eldest and most beautiful Hyrcanian forests with rare animal and plant species and it is one of the most beautiful places of Shahrud town. In this forest, clouds are so close to the trees that makes it seem like the forest is riding the clouds and you can wander in the clouds. Many tourists believe that this is one of the most scenic places of Iran’s nature. It is called cloud forest because in most seasons it is covered by an ocean of clouds and fog. Inside the thick forests, you cannot believe that you are in Semnan province, not far from Iran’s Central Desert and Khar Turan National Park, a biosphere reserve. Right there you will realize why Shahrud is called “a small continent"

Trip Itinerary
Day 01: Tehran
Sightseeing:  Glolestan Palace , Bazaar and Iran National Museum 
Arrival at IKA International airport, we will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. You will have time to rest and relax before our morning tour of Tehran begins. To avoid heavy traffic, taking the subway is the best way to visit Tehran. We take the subway and charter taxis so that we make most of the day and visit as many sites as possible. As a result, we will have a much better chance to get more acquainted with Iranian people. We leave the hotel at 9:30 for a trip to the Iran National Museum which ,here we will get a chance to see a variety of Persian Civilizations and cultures during different ages and become familiar with Iranian history.Then we pay a visit to Golestan Palace. Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. The walled Palace, one of the oldest groups of buildings in Teheran, became the seat of government of the Qajar family, which came into power in 1779 and made Teheran the capital of the country. Built around a garden featuring pools as well as planted areas, the Palace’s most characteristic features and rich ornaments date from the 19th century. It became a centre of Qajari arts and architecture of which it is an outstanding example and has remained a source of inspiration for Iranian artists and architects to this day. It represents a new style incorporating traditional Persian arts and crafts and elements of 18th century architecture and technology.Afterward we will visit Tehran's Bazaar and enjoy the city. Overnight in Tehran
Golestan PalaceGolestan PalaceIran National Museum
Day 2:  Shahrood 
Sightseeing : Citadel Semnan Gate and historical mosque and tomb
We drive to shahrood early in the morning, and visit  Citadel Semnan gate and see the historical mosque and tomb, and keep driving to jangale abr. We have home stay
Semnan GateSemnan City 
Day 3: Shahrood
Sightseeing : Javaher Dasht Village
Start walking from shahrood to javaher dasht village, we cross the wonderful forest and green land, we will see the historical village and their people, walking through the ever green forest , and we stay at their warm and cozy home.
Javaher dassht VillageJavaher Dasht VillageTraditional Clothes 
Sightseeing : Jangale Abr
We eat breakfast at rural house and start walking to the mountain pass ,and reach the peak that clouds rush into the forest, they are so thick that it seems you are walking on the clouds, and then we return to the village.
Abr JungleAbr JungleAbr Jungle 
Day 5 : Tehran
Sightseeing : Excursion in Tehran
We will return to Tehran and take a rest and in the evening and we will visit the city. Overnight in Tehran
Azadi TowerNature Bridge 
Day 6: Tehran
Our representative will transfer you to Imam Khomeini International Airport according to your flight time and You will depart Iran, the land of warmth and hospitality with fond memories



Duration :

6 Days



Between Semnan Province and Golestan Province


Best time to visit: 

May to October


Daily time visit: 

No limit, but in summer middle of the day maybe hot 


Difficulty level: 

Moderately difficult (8-10 hour walking among jungle)


Meals Included:

All Breakfast

All Lunch

All Dinner


Transport : 

Public Transport 


Private transport



Transfer :

Pre and Post trip



Stars hotel and Iranian traditional houses


Entrance fees:

Included for the mentioned monuments in the itinerary


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