Iran has seen an increase in the number of annual visitors over the past few years, and the lifting of economic sanctions is sure to attract even more. Home to one of the oldest civilizations, Iran has no shortage of sites to see. When it comes to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it boasts an impressive 23 registered cultural sites. Palaces, bazaars, places of worship, ancient water systems, and remnants of the great Persian Empire dominate this list. The Culture Trip explores the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran. When you travel to Iran, you will be treated to the most breathtaking natural and man-made structures that you will find throughout the Iran. In our tours you can truly see and absorb all the glory of Iran and touch the civilization and cultures of Iran. With 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites , Iran is the best place for visiting .You just text us and book your tour and travel to Iran and we allocate , organize and prepare the best for you to enjoy your trip and tour in Iran. Our tour Sky Persia is 14 Days tour and during the tour you will see magnificent sites and monuments and you would experience a fantastic trip in Iran

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Discover the wonders of the ancient Persia when you travel to Iran with Inbound Persia Tour and Travel Agency. Enjoy insider experiences, Great Civilization, unique cultural interactions and a host of extraordinary moments on one of our Iran luxury tours. From legendary hospitality of the Iranian people to the thousand-year-old culture and traditions, riches and wonders await those who have the courage to go beyond the clichés and the adverts. Iran luxury tour are an opportunity to visit the cultural and historical heritage sites of Iran,  which offers a high level of comfort and services in a pleasant atmosphere. These all-inclusive adventure will take you through richly diverse landscapes, cultures and heritage sites, from beloved Iranian cities such as Isfahan, well known for its beautiful historic architecture and magnificent Persian gardens that trace their design principles to the days of Shah Abbas. Pasargadae and Persepolis, cities of the Achaemenid Empire that rank among the world’s greatest sites of antiquity and the warmness of the Iranian people. Yazd which is also very well known for its Zoroastrian fire temples, Persian handicrafts and its high quality confectionery.Wherever you travel in Iran, we’ll be right there with you, making sure your journey is authentic, innovative and utterly unforgettable.



Trip Itinerary :


Day 01: Tehran

Sightseeing:  Glolestan Palace , Bazaar and Iran National Museum 

Arrival at IKA International airport, we will meet you and transfer you to your hotel.You will have time to rest and relax before our morning tour of Tehran begins. To avoid heavy traffic, taking the subway is the best way to visit Tehran. We take the subway and charter taxis so that we make most of the day and visit as many sites as possible. As a result, we will have a much better chance to get more acquainted with Iranian people. We leave the hotel at 9:30 for a trip to the Iran National Museum which ,here we will get a chance to see a variety of Persian Civilizations and cultures during different ages and become familiar with Iranian history.Then we pay a visit to Golestan Palace. Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. The walled Palace, one of the oldest groups of buildings in Teheran, became the seat of government of the Qajar family, which came into power in 1779 and made Teheran the capital of the country. Built around a garden featuring pools as well as planted areas, the Palace’s most characteristic features and rich ornaments date from the 19th century. It became a centre of Qajari arts and architecture of which it is an outstanding example and has remained a source of inspiration for Iranian artists and architects to this day. It represents a new style incorporating traditional Persian arts and crafts and elements of 18th century architecture and technology.Afterward we will visit Tehran's Bazaar and enjoy the city. Overnight in Tehran

Golestan PalaceGolestan PalaceIran National Museum

Day 02 : Hamedan

Sightseeing : Hegmataneh Pre-Islamic Town ,Tombs of Ester and Mordkhai and Ibn -e- Sina (Avicenna ) Tomb

Hamadan is among the oldest cities of Iran. Medes chose Hamadan- which was then called Hegmataneh- as their capital, but the results of studies indicate that Hegmataneh city has existed before being elected as the capital by Medes and also a group of Kassites people lived there. Later the survivors of Kassites have created the nation called Mede together with a group of Aryan people, and established the Medes State by overcoming the aggressor Assyrian State and have placed Karkashi as their capital and since then, this city has been named Hegmataneh. Hamadan has always been regarded as one of the major centers of the Jewish settlement in Iran, So we drive in the morning to the Hamedan and visit Hegmataneh pre-Islamic town. Afterwards drive to the Jewish prophet tombs of Ester and Mordkhai . Afterwards you will visit The Ibn -e- Sina Tomb. Overnight in Hamedan


Hegmataneh Pre- Islamic TownEster and Mordkhai TombAvicenna Tomb

Day 03 : Hamedan and Kermanshah

Sightseeing :Ganjnameh , Taghe Bostan and Bistoon

Drive to Ganjnameh to visit Achaemenid inscriptions, Very interesting part of this trip and you will see Presian Glory Then Drive to Kermanshah to visit Taghe Bostan ( Sasanid complex ) Afterwards drive to Bistoon registered world heritage complex. Overnight in Kermanshah

GanjnamehBistoonTaghe Bostan

Day 04 : Ahvaz

Sightseeing : Apadana palace, Susa museum ,Denial Tomb (Prophet Daniel) , Choghazanbil and Haf Tappe historic hill

In the morning we drive  to get to Susa (Shush) and visit Achaemenid Apadana palace, Susa museum and Denial Tomb (prophet Daniel). Then drive to Choghzanbil Zigurat and visit this Elamite registered world heritage Zigurat from 1300 BC. Later drive through the Hafttape sugar cane farms to visit Haf Tappe historic hill and museum. Overnight in Shush

Chogha ZanbilHistorical HillsDaniel Tomb

Day 05 : Shushtar

Sightseeing : Shushtar waterfalls and Historic dams

Drive to Shushtar town and visit another registered world heritage site, Shushtar waterfalls and also visit the historic dams over the big rivers going through Shushtar. Overnight in Shushtar

Shushtar Historic DamsShushtar Waterfalls

Day 06: Shiraz

Sightseeing : Zand Complex , Hafez Tomb and Eram Garden

In the morning we fly to Shiraz and we will visit this great city. Shiraz is the cradle of Persian Civilization, the home to the great Achaemenid and Sassanid kings , and is well known as the city of Persians and the Persian Race. You will visit the city of Persians, and start the tour from Zand complex (Karim khan Castle , Vakil Bath ,Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Mosque ) and in the evening we will visit Eram Garden and Hafez Tomb. Overnight in Shiraz

Zand CastleEram GardenHafez Tomb

Day 07 : Shiraz

Sightseeing : Nasir al Mulk Mosque ,Quran Gate , Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghsh e Rostam )

Early in the Morning we will visit Nasir al Mulk Mosque and afterward we will visiti Quran Gate and then driving towards Persepolis, visiting magnificent UNESCO world heritage, Achaemenids Palaces and engraves, Naghsh-e- Rostam to become familiar with Persian Empire, and Persian Civilization and History. Persepolis founded by Darius I in 518 B.C., Persepolis was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It was built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models. The importance and quality of the monumental ruins make it a unique archaeological site. Overnight in Shiraz

Nasir al Mulk MosquePersepolisPersepolis

Day 08: Zeinodin Caravanserai ,Pasargadae and  Abar Kouh

Sightseeing : Pasargadae , Abar Kouh Cypress Tree and Zeinodin Carvanserai

On the way we will stop in Pasargadae to visit the most important and majestic monuments there. The tomb of Cyrus the Great, the originator and the great founder of the Achaemanian Empire, (500 years BC) is the oldest historical tomb. The wonderful architecture of his tomb, the vast fertile land over in the area alongside the brave personality of Cyrus the Great inspires the visitor. This Archeological area was and still continuesto be the worshiping place for the followers of several religions. Followed by the relief of the winged man and get familiar with its historical explanations some researchers gave specific theories regarding the relation between personality of Cyrus the Great and one of the prophets of Holy Book Bible. By visiting this majestic tomb you can have your personal thoughts about it. Old trees in any region are the symbol of age and tell the truth that appropriate weather and nice condition lead to long life story of its weather and lifestyle which lead to longevity. Abar Kouh which is a historical city is the area of historical sightseeing and wonderful desert architecture. Moreover the 4500 year old cypress tree in Abar Kouh is a marvellous attraction end after attraction. The beliefs of the beauty of the 4500 year old cypress tree leave a trace of eternity in the heart and on the mind of all travelers. Afterward we will visit Zeinoddin, a Safavid Caravanserai in the heart of desert which has been restored in the best way possible and got gained towards from UNESCO in 2005 and 2006. Overnight in Zeinodin Carvanserai

Zeinodin CarvanseraiAbar Kouh Cypress TreePasargadae

Day 09 :  Yazd 

Sightseeing : Mehriz , Saryazd, Dakhmeh , Fire Temple and Visiting the city

Mehriz is located 30 KM south of the city of Yazd. Mehriz consists of one central district and five village centres. According to historians, the name belongs to "Mehrnegar" the beloved daughter of Anoushirvan, the Sassanid King. Mehriz was known, during the late Sassanid era (4th century AD), as a natural pleasant area. One of The most important places to visit in Mehriz is Saryazd. Saryazd has a castle belonging to Sassanid era which was used as a haven in time of war. Another historical place out there is caravanserai in Saryazd which dates back to the Seljuk and the Safavid era. It is noteworthy that Saryaz is one of the best areas for growing pomegranates of Iran. After that we will transfer to Yazd.Today’s tour includes visiting Dakhmeh (tower of silence, where Zoroastrians used to leave their corpse to be eaten by vultures). The Zoroastrian fire temples are the next stop. In the afternoon you will enjoy an interesting walking tour through the old district to see the wind catchers. Overnight in Yazd

SaryazdZoroastrian Fire TempleDakhmeh

Day 10: Yazd

Sightseeing : Visiting the city ,Amir chakhmagh Complex ,Museum of Water

In the morning we will visit the city and narrow alleys with family and enjoy this traditional city. Yazd populace are mainly Muslim. Yet, a large number of the entire Iran's Zoroastrians inhabit here. Minorities of Jews and Christians also live here. Yazd is surrounded by mountain ranges of Shir-Kooh and Kharanegh. The city dates from Sassanid era (2000 years ago), and was called in those days "Isatis". The word Yazd means Clear of Filth.It also means Worship, Praise and Adoration. The appellation of the city is "The City of Gods".Yazd is the second Mud-Brick city in the world remaining from ancient times. The population is Aryan in race and due to the isolated location of the city, the race has not intermingled with non-Aryans.The city covers 2491 square meter of area and stands warm and dry climate. Yazd is a Two-Season city with extreme climate (frosty winters and scorching dry summers). It is the first Iranian city registered in World Heritage we allocate this city for you to become more familiar with Iranian history and culture. Today we will visit Amir chakhmagh Complex and square and Museum of Water and Fire Temple.Stay overnight in Yazd

Amir Chakhmagh ComplexYazd CityYazd City

Day 11 : Isfahan

Sightseeing : Jameh Mosque ,Imam Square ,Shah Mosque ,Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace

In the morning we drive to Isfahan and spend  the first day of our tour in this amazing city. As the 17th-century capital of the Safavid Empire, Isfahan was one of the world’s greatest cities– architecturally striking, wealthy beyond imagine, and politically powerful with Europeans, Ottomans, Indians and Chinese coming to its court– the heart of a vast Persian Empire that stretched from the Euphrates River in present-day Iraq to the Oxus River in Afghanistan. Indeed, its grandeur inspired the rhyming proverb, Isfahan nesf e jahan (Isfahan is half of the World). Start your exploration in Isfahan at a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Simple at first glance but wondrous in its rich detail and bold design, the Masjed-e Jamé is another masterpiece of Iranian architecture, covering nearly 5 acres in the heart of this historical city. This is one of the oldest congregational mosques of the country, and its construction and embellishment over the past twelve centuries illustrate a number of important periods in Islamic architecture. Your exploration continues in Imam Square. This 17th-century site is one of the largest public spaces in the world. Here in the square, you’ll visit the 17th-century Shah Mosque, revered as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture and easily recognized by its magnificent tile-work and soaring cupola and minarets. You will also visit Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, also known as the Ladies Mosque, as it was built for the Shah's harem, renowned for the brightly coloured domed ceiling, where the light creates the image of a peacock. In the Ali Qapu Palace, you’ll marvel at its beautiful music rooms and the balconies where Safavid kings would sit to enjoy the polo matches unfolding in the square. Overnight in Isfahan

Imam SquareJame Mosque of IsfahanShah Mosque

Day 12 : Abyaneh Kashan

Sightseeing : Abyaneh Village

In the morning we drive to abyaneh and you will visit  UNESCO recognized village of Abyaneh, located at the foot of Karkas mountain and in the vicinity of dessert. Appreciate the serenity of this quaint village with its splendid archaeology and meet the dwellers speak, live and dress in original Persian style. Overnight in Kashan

Abyaneh VillageAbyaneh VillageAbyaneh Village

Day 13 : Kashan

Sightseeing : Tabatabai and Boroojerdi houses and  Fin Gardens

Get an insight into Iranian traditional houses by visiting Tabatabai and Boroojerdi houses. Tread in Fin Gardens of Kashan and Once again praise Persian Garden designers. Overnight in Kashan

Tabatabai HouseFin GardenBoroujerdi House

Day 14 : Tehran

Our representative will transfer you to Imam Khomeini International Airport and according to your flight time you will depart Iran ,the land of warmth and hospitality with fond memories

Imam Khomeini Airport


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