.The Persian Gulf is located in the Middle East in between Iran and Arabian countries which contains rich history and culture for thousands of years with beautiful beaches. In Iranian history, the Persian Gulf played a great role in establishing civilization with great cities and harbors and opportunities for sailing and Agriculture and beside this for art and architecture with local music and Dance play important role in Iranian culture. This tour and travel to the Persian Gulf provide you with a rare and fascinating glimpse of the traditional lifestyle of the Iranian People in the Persian Gulf. In the Persian Gulf tour, you will see magnificent Islands of Iran in the Persian Gulf and discover the most amazing places in these Islands. Persian Gulf tour that we organized you which is suitable for autumn, winter and spring provides you great visit of Ancient history of Iran and then great views of the Persian Gulf and strange geopark and amazing landscapes and ports of Iran and its amazing islands

Maybe you ask yourselves or others ask you :

Why Persian Gulf ? 

Why Persian Gulf Island Tour should be next on your bucket list ? 

The Persian Gulf is one of the most important waterways in the Middle East. The Strait of Hormuz connects the Persian Gulf to the high seas and Indian Ocean. This Gulf is the third biggest gulf in the world, because of its geological features, the islands in this gulf are very unique. Also, these islands are among popular Iran destinations. Qeshm Island and Hormuz Island are two of the pristine beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf. Qeshm is the hugest island in the Persian Gulf. This island has attracted many tourists due to its special hills, coral beaches, and biodiversity. Also, entertainment like fishing, diving, and camping can be the reason why Qeshm tours are very popular. Actually, many travels to Iran just to join Iran tour packages that include visiting Qeshm. Camping and spending the night on a pristine island can be one of the interesting experiences of your trip. Because of its biodiversity and geological features, this island is the first geopark in the Middle East. It is also a member of the global geoparks network under the support of UNESCO. For those interested in birdwatching, Mangrove or Hara forests of Qeshm is a place of a diversity of birds. The spectacular beaches of the Hengam Island are habitats of the smart and playful dolphins. Many tourists visit this island just to see the free and untrained dolphins come by their boats to greet them! Finally, don't forget about Hormuz Island that many call it the bride in red of the Hormozgan Province. There are many surprises waiting for you on this island. The sceneries on the Persian Gulf island tour are unique so don't forget to take pictures of them.


All you need to know about the Persian Gulf Islands. 

Kish, Qeshm and Hormuz Islands, are islands in the Persian Gulf. In the past, the kish island was called “Qais”. The island is shaped oval. The Island attracts every year millions of tourists. Since the Achaemenid and Parthian and Sassanian, Kish Island has been dominated by Iran and by the spread of Islam, the island fell into the hands of the Umayyad caliphs. It is continued to the year 249 AD. BC. On this year, one of the Iranians who was from Ray, captured all the islands in the Persian Gulf, including Kish and Bahrain. In the Seljuk period, Kish became the largest commercial center in the Persian Gulf. In 1349 (1970), a delegation of Iranian and American consultants visited Kish Island and with respect to its natural features, beautiful coral beaches, and crystal clear waters surrounding, it was selected as an international tourist center. After the revolution and in 1361 (1982) Kish Island was selected as the first free economic zone of Iran. Today, the island’s economy is based on tourism and trade. Kish Island, due to its tourism nature, has been a lot of attention in recent years. In addition to the historical sites which are interesting for tourists, beach and recreation parks, sandy and coral beaches, zoo, the aquarium, bird's garden, Dolphin Park, underground city, Hur cottage, cruises and also Greek aground ship are the other attractions of this island. Coastal beaches, equestrian facilities, cycling road, carting, diving, Jet Ski, fly board, Paracel and water skiing are the other tourism features of the island. This island has been declared as the fourth tourist destination in South West Asia by the WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION and it’s due to the island’s tourist attractions and the very beautiful prospect of Hormuz Sea and the Persian Gulf. No need to get Iranian visas for all foreign nationals is one of the reasons for arrivals of foreign tourists to the island. Another amazing Island in Qeshm Island. Qeshm Island is the biggest island of Iran and the Persian Gulf which is located in the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is one of the world’s most important waterways. Qeshm city is a part of the Hormozgan province which includes the island. Large islands around Qeshm Island are Hengam, Hormoz, and Lark. Virginal nature and beautiful beaches of the islands are interesting for tourists and have many tourist attractions, and among them Hengam island because of it’s proximity to the Qeshm island and it’s dolphin habitat, deers and crocodiles park, attracts tourists more than the rest of them. The island has plenty of beaches and shores. Coast features of this island, are the diversity of rocky, sandy and muddy shores that such property is to be found together in fewer islands. Beautiful beaches of Hengam Island is the home of the intelligent and playful dolphins and it will attract interested tourists in Qeshm and Hengam islands. Tourists, In addition to the beautiful beaches between Hengam and Qeshm Island, visit the dreamy nature of the island and also the crocodile farm. Another amazing island is Hormuz Island, The sources say this island is 600 million years old. The same sources say that Hormuz Island had a brutal trade before the Mongols attack. Beautiful red island than you can't find it anywhere else in the world. Must see Persian Gulf Islands.


The Persian Gulf Island Tour

Trip Highlights


Bandar Abas

Hormuz Island

Qeshm Island

Hengam Island

Kish Island



Trip Itinerary 


Day 01 : Tehran

Transfer from IKA Airport to the hotel

Arrival at IKA International airport, we will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. You will have time to rest and relax before our morning tour start tomorrow. Overnight in Tehran.

Transfer from airport to the hotelTransfer from airport to the hotel

Day 02 : Tehran

Sightseeing:  Iran National Museum , Glolestan Palace , Darband 


In the morning we will visit Iran national Museum ,here we will get a chance to see a variety of Persian Civilizations and cultures during different ages and become familiar with Iranian history. Then we pay a visit to Golestan Palace. Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. This amazing Palace in 2003 has become a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Afterward, its time to have lunch and take a rest in Darband. Darband, a nice village in the mountains north of Tehran for lunch. At the night or in the evening we will visit The Nature bridge and walk through this amazing and masterpiece of Iranian architecture and enjoy this place and then, returning to the hotel. Overnight in Tehran.

Golestan Palace .Tehran, IranDarband , Tehran IranIran National Museum , Tehran Iran

Day 03 : Bandar Abas

Sightseeing: Indian Temple, Bazaar and Amazing Port of Bandar Abas 

Bandar Abbas is a port city and capital of Hormozgan Province on the southern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf. Bandar Abas has been one of the main ports of Iran on the Silk Road, in a way that the trade caravans would go through the customs procedures in this city and use this route to transport their goods to Europe, Africa and America. Nowadays, Bandar Abbas is one of the most important trade ports of Iran and it is very popular among the people due to having markets, shopping centers, free sea and gulf and historical attractions. In the morning we fly to Bandar abas and after hotel check in we will visit Indian Temple , Bazaar and amazing port of Bandar Abas. Overnight in Bandar Abas.

Bandar Abas Bazaar Bandar Abas BazaarIndian Temple , Bandar Abas Iran

Day 04: Hormuz Island

Sightseeing : Rainbow Valley, The Valley of the Statues , Red Mountains and Salt Lake 

In the morning we move to Hormoz Island and we experience traveling by ship. Today we will visit Rainbow Valley, The Valley of the Statues, Red Mountains, Salt Lake and other beauties of this fascinating island.Stay overnight in Qeshm island.

Rainbow Valley , Hormuz Island IranValley of Statues , Hormuz Island IranHormuz Island , Iran

Day 05 : Qeshm Island  

Sightseeing: Hara Forest, Geopark, Valley of Stars

In the morning we transfer to Qeshm Island and after a hotel check in we will visit Hara forests and Valley of Stars and Qeshm Geopark and we have times to relax on the beach. Stay overnight in Qeshm Island.

Hara Forest , Qeshm Island IranHara Forest , Qeshm IranValley of Stars ,Qeshm Island Iran

Day 06 : Qeshm Island and Hangam Island  

Sightseeing: Chah Kuh Canyon and Hengam Island

In the morning we will visit Chah Kuh Canyon and enjoy this magnificent place. Chah-Kuh Valley or Canyon is located 70 km from Qeshm's downtown and near the eastern village of Chahui. This Canyon has a depth of 100 meters which means that the walls of the valley can be seen up to 100 meters above the head in some parts. Naturally, water on an island is of particular importance. The natives of this area used to dig a few wells in the old valley in order not to waste the rainwater, and this is probably the reason why the valley was named Chahkuh. Some of the wells are over 400 years old. Then we will visit Hangam Island, one of the most beautiful islands of the Persian Gulf. Hengam Island is located in the southern part of Qeshm Island. It has an area of 36 kilometers and if you look at it on a map, you will see that it looks like a truncated cone. This is almost a low-lying island; so, you won’t see much heights there. You have to travel about 2 kilometers from Qeshm Island to reach Hengam Island. What is interesting about this island is that in Hengam, you won’t see a vehicle there. Everything is peaceful and there aren’t any streets on this island. There are numerous activities that you can do and enjoy while you are visiting Hengam Island. Watching dolphins might be the main attraction of Hengam Island, as you cannot see these intelligent and beautiful creatures everywhere. A piece of good news for those who love animals and the environment is that Hengam Island is home to some types of rare animals. Chinkara is a type of Persian Gazelle that is native to Iran. You can try seeing them but unfortunately, they are so shy! The other animal that you can find in Hengam Island is Uromastyx aegyptia which is a type of lizard. Hawksbill sea turtle is another species that you can find there. After visiting this beautiful island we return to Qeshm Island. Stay overnight in Qeshm Island.

Chah Kuh Canyon , Qeshm IranChah Kuh Canyon , Qeshm IslandHengam Island , Iran

Day 07 : Kish Island

Sightseeing: Bird Garden, Greek Ship, Harire city and spend the time with locals

Kish Sunshine Coast, or Iran's Costa del Sol. Kish Island, often called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. This island which was called “Qis” in the past, attracts a million tourists every year and very amazing place for visit. Today after breakfast you will go to Kish Island by boat. Enjoy your day by visiting the Bird Garden, Bird Garden, Greek Ship, Harire city and see the best sun-set in Kish Island near the Greek Ship and take a rest in a sandy beach by ordering tea or cafee. Overnight in Kish Island.

Kish Island ,IranHarireh Ancient City , Kish IranGreek Ship , Kish Island Iran

Day 08 : Kish /Qeshm or  Tehran


In the morning you will fly back and our tour finish and you will depart Iran, the land of warmth and hospitality with fond memories. You can choose from which airport you will fly, from Kish International airport or Qeshm International airport to Dubai or fly to Imam khomeini international airport in Tehran and depart Iran.

IKA  Airport, Tehran Iran


We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. Must see Iran with your own eyes. Come along with us to see the beauty of the Persian Gulf.



Price : 1300 Euro


Duration : 

8 Days


Meals Included:

Only Breakfast



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