Every year during the second half of May, festival of Rose and Rose Water is being held in Kashan. Many people from different parts of the country and abroad visit Kashan, the hub of Mohammadi Rose in Iran. The season for picking rose and preparing rosewater is from early May to mid-June. In early May, the scent of rose spreads over different areas of Kashan, such as Qamsar Joshqan Qali, Barzak and Niasar.The ceremony for making rosewater in Kashan attracts many tourists. Every day, some 80,000 people tour various cities of Kashan for this traditional ceremony.The arrival of tourists in the districts of Kashan has a positive impact on the region’s economy.Rose water is made from a very sweet smelling kind of rose and is used in various traditional dishes and sweets. It is also used as a perfume among Muslims. Although some modern mechanized factories are constructed, but still a large part of this, let say industry, is done traditionally. And this traditional rose water production which is established at homes or gardens attracts tourists to Kashan. Historical monuments and architecture of Kashan adds to the popularity of this festival too.Kashan and its surrounding villages can amaze you in multiple ways. It is the place where you can enjoy whole new experiences other than visiting its jaw-dropping historical attractions. Each year in May, the musky scent of rosewater pervades the air in this part of Iran. And that means it is time for the famous annual Rose and Rosewater Festival. The Inbound Persia tour and travel agency team is made up of dedicated and professional travel experts who will take care of you from the start to the end of your journey. Our travel experts who know every inch of the country will help you plan a memorable visit to Iran. We have built up strong network of trusted local partners to ensure we can accommodate all your needs.Just text us and book your tour and travel with us

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Kashan , Qamsar







Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Tehran

Sightseeing:  Iran National Museum , Golestan Palace , Tajrish Bazaar and Darband  

Arrival at IKA International airport, we will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. You will have time to rest and relax before our morning tour of Tehran begins. To avoid heavy traffic, taking the subway is the best way to visit Tehran. We take the subway and charter taxis so that we make most of the day and visit as many sites as possible. As a result, we will have a much better chance to get more acquainted with Iranian people. We leave the hotel at 9:30 for a trip to the Iran National Museum which ,here we will get a chance to see a variety of Persian Civilizations and cultures during different ages and become familiar with Iranian history. Then we pay a visit to Golestan Palace which is registered in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE . Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. The walled Palace, one of the oldest groups of buildings in Teheran, became the seat of government of the Qajar family, which came into power in 1779 and made Teheran the capital of the country. Built around a garden featuring pools as well as planted areas, the Palace’s most characteristic features and rich ornaments date from the 19th century. It became a centre of Qajari arts and architecture of which it is an outstanding example and has remained a source of inspiration for Iranian artists and architects to this day. It represents a new style incorporating traditional Persian arts and crafts and elements of 18th century architecture and technology. Afterward we will visit Tajrish Bazaar and Darband, a cute village in the mountains north of Tehran. Overnight in Tehran

Iran National MuseumGolestan PalaceDarband

Day 02 : Kashan

Sightseeing : Tabatabaei and Borujerdi House, Agha Bozorg Mosque and Fin Garden

After breakfast, drive towards Kashan (245 km) and visit Tabatabaei and Borujerdi Traditional House. Later go to Agha Bozorq mosque and theological school (Madrasah) which has a particular architecture with two courtyards in two floors. Then continue to the Fin Garden (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE) which is a symbol of Persian gardens. Overnight in Kashan

Fin GardenAgha Bozorgh MosqueBorujerdi House

Day 03 : Qamsar , Abyaneh , Isfahan

Sightseeing : Qamsar , Abyaneh , Isfahan

Morningdrive towards Qamsar County (42 km) to attend Rose Water Festival. Qamar isthe home of rose flower in Iran. Its appropriate geographical and climaticconditions produce the most unique rose flowers and we start our rosewatertour and enjoy these moments. Later, continue Abyaneh village, a 4000-year-oldvillage with its stunning red mud-brick houses. Abyanehis like a living architectural and anthropological museum. It presents animpressive model of the man adapting to the environment. Abyaneh is a differentplace, a different village with red walls and rivers and mountains. In this place, you will forget everything for some seconds and communicate with nature. Afterour lunch in Abyaneh, we drive to Isfahan. And after hotel check-inand short rest continue walking across Zayande Roud (River) and visit thehistorical and famous bridges of Isfahan, Sio-Se Pol (33 bridges). Overnight inIsfahan Isfahan

Rose Water TourRose Water TourAbyaneh Village

Day 04 : Isfahan

Sightseeing : Naqsh-e Jahan Square or Imam Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu and Qeysarieh Bazaar and Chehel Sotun

In the morning after breakfast , visit the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE ( Naqsh-e Jahan Square ) the world's second largest square. The square is surrounded by Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques which are two masterpieces of Iranian architecture, Ali Qapu and Qeysarieh Bazaar which consist of workshops such as inlaid work engravings, woodwork, filigree work, Persian carpets and miniatures. In the evening, visit Chehel-Sotun (40 Pillars) Palace -a pavilion in the middle of a beautiful garden. Overnight in Isfahan

Imam SquareShah MosqueSheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Day 05 : Yazd 

Sightseeing : Amir Chakhmagh , Zoorkhaneh and City Excursion 

Travel to the historical and UNESCO REGISTERED mud-brick city of Yazd and when we arrive in yazd in the evening we will visit visit the historical districts of the city including Amir Chakhmagh Square and Zoorkhaneh. It is a combination of martial arts, strength training and music. Way before bodybuilding, Persians used to practice weightlifting in Zoorkhaneh.We can see this tradition present in ancient Iranian stories too.Then enjoy beautiful rooftop views of Yazd’s skyline. A touch of local life will be an enticing experience. Overnight in Yazd

Amir Chakhmagh ComplexYazd Wind TowerZoorkhaneh

Day 06 : Shiraz

Sightseeing : Pasargadae, Quran Gate and Hafez Tomb 

We will drive to the historical and beautiful city of Shiraz - the city of civilization and great empires. It is regarded as one of the oldest cities of Ancient Persia - the earliest reference to the city as Tirazis is on Elamite clay tablets dated to 2000 BC. On the way to Shiraz we will stop at Pasargadae, the first capital of Persia, home to the tomb of Cyrus The Great which is Registered in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature, wine and flowers. Many Persian scholars and artists came from Shiraz, including two famous poets: Hafez and Saadi, whose tombs we will visit. Shiraz is famous for it's Persian carpets: pile carpet-weaving and weaving of kilim in the villages and among the tribes. We will enter Shiraz via the Quran Gate, a historic city gate at the entrance to Shiraz. By the time we will check in to the hotel it will be dark, which is the most impressive time to visit Hafez tomb. Overnight in Shiraz

PasargadaeHafez Tomb Quran Gate

Day 07 : Shiraz

Sightseeing : Nasir al Molk (Pink mosque), Naranjestan Garden and Zand Complex, Eram Garden

In the morning we will visit the famous Nasir al molk (pink mosque) and the nearby Naranjestan Garden. We will also visit the historical complex of Zand, including the baths, bazaar, and mosque. We will also walk to Karim-Khan Citadel and the historic districts of the city as well. In the late afternoon we will visit Eram Botanical Garden. It is such a unique and gorgeous garden that is inscribed on UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. 

Overnight in Shiraz

Nasir al Mulk Mosque _ Pink MosqueOEram GardenKarim Khan Castle

Day 08 : Shiraz 

Sightseeing : Persepolis and Necropolis  

Persepolis was founded by Darius The Great in 518 B.C. It was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire and the impressive palace complex was built on an immense terrace. The importance and quality of the monumental ruins make it a unique archaeological site. It seems that Darius planned this impressive complex of palaces not only as the seat of government but primarily as a show place and a spectacular centre for the festivals of the Achaemenid Kings and their Empire. Persepolis is a unique and glorious site that is inscribed on UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE and must see . Then we drive to Nacropolis or Naghshe Rostam. Necropolis is the magnificent burial place of Achaemenid Kings carved into the side of a mountain. The site also has seven bas-reliefs carved into the mountain dating back 2,000 years. Overnight in Shiraz

PersepolisPersepolis , Shiraz IranPersepolis , Shiraz Iran

Day 09 : End Tour 

Our tour finishes in Shiraz. There are international flights from Shiraz International Airport, or alternatively you can transfer to Tehran and depart Iran from Tehran's IKA International Airport




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