Along with the improvement of the post-coronavirus situation in Iran and the increase in the number of vaccinations, Iran is taking new measures to revitalize the tourism industry. Following a 19-month suspension of issuing tourist visas at land and air borders, Iran has once again opened its borders to foreign tourists since October 23 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that travel restrictions to Iran have been finally lifted for all nationalities and now tourists can request tourist visas for entering the country. This decision was made after a notable drop in the number of deaths caused by Corona in Iran, thanks to the government’s extensive vaccination program The committee of Iran’s anti-Coronavirus taskforce also clarified that “this regulation will not include direct and indirect travel from or to high-risk countries declared by the World Health Organization.” Moreover, if there is a change in the trend of corona outbreaks in neighboring countries, the Ministry of Health of Iran will decide to reinforce the restrictions


What are the requirements for requesting an Iran tourist visa?

The first and the most important document for travelers to provide would be the proof of receiving both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, taken before boarding their flight, as well as evidence of a hotel booking. Travelers can also provide a PCR test declaring that the result is negative. The test for people above 12 years old must have been taken up to 96 hours prior to the flight


It is also mandatory for tourists to fill a self-declaration medical form prior to their entry to Iran. They also have to acquire travel insurance which covers all coronavirus medical expenses


Lastly, if a traveler’s PCR test result proves positive during their stay in the country, they are required to quarantine themselves in designated accommodations until their test results are negative. The test for travelers older than 12 years old must have been taken up to 96 hours before their flight


Necessary documents for Iran tourist Visa Application

* Proof of 2 doses vaccination, and a PCR test with negative result realized within 96 hours prior to trip *


*  Photo of traveler’s Passport * 


*  Travel health insurance with coronavirus medical expenses coverage *


*  Document of proof of residency during the stay in Iran *


* Passport Photo * 


Is it possible to obtain an Iran tourist visa on your own?

According to the Ministry of Tourism of Iran, individuals can apply for an Iran tourist visa on their own. They also can realize the process through a valid travel agency. In any case, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is obliged to announce the result to the visa applicant or the travel agency within 96 hours


How can I request an Iran tourist visa?

If you have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, you can email us your trip documents including a copy of the first page of your passport and one passport photo


This will cost 30.00 euros which you can pay online via PayPal. Please note that you will be charged separately for the Iran consulate fee, depending on your nationality


This fee will be paid to the Iran consulates. Furthermore, there will be no limitation for traveling around Iran with this visa


So, if you are interested in applying for an Iranian visa and discovering the beauties of this country, but don’t know where and how to start, contact the Inbound Persia Travel Agency Visa Department or visit the link below to know more about the required documents and the administrative procedures

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