Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited civilizations in the world, modern-day Iranian culture is enriched by centuries of tradition. Years of trade, conquest and invasion have created a distinct culture with myriad influences from far and wide, resulting in an overriding national identity and culture rich in symbolism. Even religion plays an important part in many aspects of Iranian society - the legal and educational systems, dress, marriage, architecture, the arts and the media are all affected. All of these events and issues became a reasons for 2 young men to make a great team and work in tourism industry and show the history and beauties of Iran to foreign tourist.

Mahmood and Farzad , who were eager to show the real Iran to the world and took a new path. While internet was just introduced in Iran. They make a great digital tools and worked in social Medias and opened three office in Rome (Italy) and Lisbon (Portugal) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to introduce Iran to the world.

Inbound Persia and Sinar Gasht are two English websites programmed and set up by them. Beside that he and his friends were among the new generation of tour guides in this new era in Iranian tourism.

Inbound Persia and Sinar Gasht have been one of the pioneers in running tours that have been based on local interaction and authentic experiences beside visiting monuments. 

Mahmood and Farzad started arranging tours where people could stay with nomads or experience visiting a Persian family at home or participate in Persian cooking and visiting cultural tours to Iran.

The reason for choosing the name Inbound Persia is to mean we will help travelers have a broader experience of Persia. We have done our best to fulfill this goal.


Inbound Persia Travel Agency.

Inbound Persia Travel Agency.

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