Vast region of Media , Inscription of Darius the Great. Old and ancient city of Sasanid and Acheamenid dynasty



With an area of around 24640 square kilometer, Kermanshah is 17th largest Province in Iran. It lies 1400m above the level of sea with a population of 947000 people.

Kermanshah capital city is one of the oldest cities in Iran which was called in ancient times by such names as Ghermisin , Eilpi, kambaden.

The province of Kermanshah is located on the eastern part of Iran. This area is among the most attractive regions in Iran. If you are a frequent tour-goer, on whatever errand and from whichever direction you approach this land you would face magnificent historical and natural attractions.

Kermanshah Tourist Attractions:

Anahita Temple (the divinity of the Waters), Bisotun historical site (UNECO-registered), Statue of Hercules , Caravansaray-e Shah-Abbasi,  Taq-e Bostan, Goor Dakhmeh in Sahneh village, Ghoori Ghal'e Cave, Perav Cave, Bazaar of  Kermanshah, Flower Garden and natural scenery in Kermanshah.

In ancient times, Kermanshah was one of the main headquarters of Achaemenid and Sassanid empires; an important and ancient city in western Iran.  




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