City of Elamite Empire

Khuzestan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the southwest of the country, bordering Iraq and the Persian Gulf. Its capital is Ahvaz and it covers an area of 63,238 km2. Ahvaz is a city found in Khuzestan, Iran. It is located 31.32 latitude and 48.68 longitude and it is situated at elevation 23 meters above sea level. Ahvaz has a population of 841,145 making it the biggest city in Khuzestan.

Other major cities include Behbahan, Abadan, Andimeshk, Khorramshahr, Bandar Imam, Dezful, Shushtar, Omidiyeh, Izeh, Baq-e-Malek, Mah Shahr, Susangerd, Ramhormoz, Shadegan, Susa, Masjed Soleiman, Minoo Island and Hoveizeh.The name Khuzestan means "The Land of the Khuzi" and refers to the original inhabitants of this province, the "Susian" people.The name of the city of Ahvaz also has the same origin as the name Khuzestan. Khustan's cities are really beautiful and ancient.

Khuzestan, one of the centres of the earliest civilizations, is a marvelous travel destination and off the beaten tracks.It is a great opportunity to see a bit of world with monuments from 4th millennium BC to the modern day along with its large permanent rivers flow over the entire province contributing to the fertility of the land

Mountains, deserts, jungles, rivers and lakes, people of different races, languages, cultures, monuments that boast history, stories of war, of defense, sacrifice, colonization and the greed for oil wrap up one of the most diverse provinces of Iran. Khuzestan has been the pinnacle of my travels through Iran and for good reason. Travelling through Iran is full of surprises, but Khuzestan seemed to have a full pack of them waiting in every corner.

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