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On the Road by Bus or Train


There is bus transportation in all cities of Iran and the best way to reduce the costs is to use public transportation. For moving to other cities one of the best way is using buses or trains, the price is really affordable and cheap and all the buses and trains are new too. Travel between the cities is the best by train and bus and you can see Iran roads and landscapes and natures too. Both are very comfortable and fair pricing. There are VIP buses for longer trips that are very comfortable with a service box of juice and cookies. You can purchase the bus or train ticket by sending an email to us and we will send it for you. One of the best reason is that we buy it for you because the websites are in Farsi, also visa or master cards do not work in Iran yet. Domestic bus travel in Iran is very popular and long-distance buses are surprisingly comfortable. High speed Train is good choose For Long distance between cities. These Train have Good quality services like private cab with TV , restaurant with standard menu and is more safety kind of transport



About International flight to Iran : Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways are international airlines that have most flight schedule to big cities of Iran. Here are airlines schedule to some big cities of Iran. Airlines to Shiraz :  Turkish and Air Arabia have daily fly to Iran. Fly Dubai has 3 days flight and Qatar airways has almost. Tehran is capital city of Iran and like other capital city of the world has many flight schedule and new airlines will  add daily to this list. Here are some airlines that have regular flight to Tehran. Qatar Airways, Turkish Airline , Air Arabia ,Tajikistan Airlines, Iraqi Airways, Fly Dubai, China Southern Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Kuwait Airways, Air France, Azerbaijan Airlines, Aeroflot Russian


Airlines flying from/to Iran:

Iranian airlines

IranAir flights   Mahan Air flights   Kish Air flights   Iran Aseman Airlines flights


Other airlines

Gulf Air flights   China Southern flights   Air Arabia flights
Jazeera Airways flights   Austrian Airlines flights   Ariana Afghan flights
Turkish Airlines flights   Alitalia flights   Iraqi Airways flights
Emirates flights   Etihad Airways flights   Saudi Arabian Airlines flights
Lufthansa flights   Virgin Atlantic flights   Shaheen Air flights
British Airways flights   SAS flights   Conviasa flights
KLM.com flights   Syrian Air flights   Kibris Turk Hava Yollari flights
Qatar Airways flights   Aerocondor flights   UM Air flights
bmi flights   Kuwait Airways flights   Kam Air flights
Aeroflot flights   AZAL flights   Tajikistan Airlines flights


We provide private vehicles with drivers for ourcustomers during their entire stay in Iran. Our wide selection ranges from simplecars such as Peugeot, Van, Minibus, Bus to dependable Luxury cars such asMercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota, and much more. Our cars are all fully insured underthe rules of Iranian insurance policy and our drivers are well –experienced andtrained chauffeurs 

International Airport

Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) islocated 35 Km southwest of Tehran. There are official taxi stands from whichall the official airport taxis are dispatched and will charge a fixed rate. Individualtaxies may also try to hawk a passenger. It is advisable to avoid such cars, evenif they offer lower fares. Access roads to this airport are via Tehran –Qom highway, Tehran - Saveh road and Tehran - Saveh highway. There is a 20 Km long accesshighway to the passenger terminal between Tehran –Qom, and Tehran - Saveh highway.For our tourists who have booked their tour with us, our guide will welcome andtransfer them to the hotel by private car 


Local Transport

Domestic Flight :

For domestic flight , travelers can book their ticket through agencies. It is presently not possible to book air ticket online with the credit cards of western payment system.



Inbound Persia Travel Agency will take care of transportation to/from IKA Airport to your final accommodation, resort, hotel, apartment or villa. Let us arrange a safe, reliable and hassle-free airport transfer for any group size and start your holidays or business trip smiling




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