The Persian carpet is said to date back 2,500 years ago and The carpets are made of wool, silk or cotton, or a combination of the three. It can take weavers months or even years to make a large, top-quality carpet with intricate floral and other designs. Using natural dyes derived from plants, the workers are traditionally women. Famous carpet regions include the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan, Isfahan in central Iran and Kerman in the country’s southeast. Each region has a specific style. Prices can range from a few hundred to many thousands of U.S. dollar Persian Carpet holds the highest position among all the rugs for the exceptional beauty of color and fantastic design. Carpet is woven in every region in Iran using methods and styles peculiar to weavers while considering the particular use that it is going to serve. Unparalleled richness and diversity of color and design are the final factor that accords the Persian Carpet worldwide creditability Persian Carpet design, according to Persian Carpet Foundation, falls into 19 categories and many more sub-categories Many Carpet experts believe that the art of carpet weaving originated first in Asia. Iran, Turkestan, and Caucuses are specified as the birthplace of Carpet and Carpet-weaving Persians were the first nation in the world who started Carpet Weaving, earning themselves colossal popularity Recent studies revealed a Persian Carpet by the name of Pazyryk as the first-ever carpet in the world in existence. It was discovered by a group of Russian archeologists during excavations in Pazyryk Valley of the Altai Mountains in Siberia The Persian Rug of Pazyryk is recognized to be the first hand-woven carpet in the world. Manufacturing of this carpet is attributed to Achaemenid Era. In the royal palace in Ctesiphon there had been a unique carpet known as Baharestan (ca. 4th century AD) that was highly admired in the literature of Islamic Era. Carpets have been highly treasured throughout the history due to the high attention necessary to be devoted to the making of them and the impressive beauty of this handicraft One of the reasons for the special worldwide attention and ever-growing demand enjoyed by Persian Carpets is the high diversity of color in them in comparison with the productions from other countries. Add to this the artistry and particular delicacy applied to the creation of this handicraft, and lively and natural dyes which are really eye-catching. Designs are truly attractive and appealing and lure every viewer to their purchase. All these factors contribute to this fact that Persian Carpet is always on-demand

Persian Carpet

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